Monday, March 31, 2014

Adeline's baby quilt is done

So here's a question for you all...
When you make a new quilt do you wash it right away? Specially if it's a gift do you wash it before you give it away? Myself  the first thing I do after the binding is sewn on is into the washer it goes. The only quilts I do not wash immediately would be art quilts or wall quilts, yet I have been known to wash them quickly also but then block them versus drying them in a dryer.
So got my grand-daughter's crib quilt completed only 3 days after she was spontaneously lol born a week early.
My thoughts on her quilt was totally HUGS and KISSES!
As I began to quilt my thoughts went to little girls = pink hearts.
I figured I would be sending my grand-daughter Adeline
lots of hugs and kisses with this quilt design.

Hugs and Kisses for Adeline
Look closely and you might see it says
Love Grandma , 2014.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spontaneous Roadtrip Off to hold my new grand-daughter.

 Well even the best laid plans can NOT work out :-) 
You've heard the story about the cobbler's children going without shoes?? 
I spent yesterday in the studio trying desperately to get my future grand-daughter's quilt done before her arrival next week. 
This seems to be a popular season for baby's. I have sent off two baby quilts already one was on time and one was late, then proceeded to feel I had plenty of time to finish my grand-daughter's in time AND I still have three others to complete before May 1. lol
Well you can probably guess where this post is going...YUP My grand-daughter made an early arrival last night March 28.
Welcome Adeline Louisa Henderson 
8pounds 2ounces
Daddy holding "sweet Adeline"
Big sister Charlotte holding her new baby sister Adeline 
NOW this grandma needs to arrive to hold her!
SO Spontaneous Roadtrip under way to the hospital to hold this bundle of joy.
You would be surprised how much sewing I actually got done yesterday. Photos will follow later. 
(Oh and nope her crib quilt is not quite completed but will be shortly.) 
PS: did you know that there are basically 3 sizes of baby blankets? 30 inch for swaddling, 36 inch is a receiving blanket and then there is the crib size much larger. hmmm the things you learn from google.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Still playing catch up- little by little.

So between squeezing in visits and even overnight sleep-overs with my 4 grand-babies I am finally starting to get caught up a little.
I cannot really share my last two projects yet since they are gifts that have yet to be received.
I CAN tell you it felt so good to get them done, one was mailed last weekend and tomorrow this one will get in the mail. When I know they have been received I promise to post photos.
Until then here is a little peek.
Sun was actually shining a little too bright for a good pic.
Close up, love the hearts.

Another bit of info I received stainless steel basement sink gets installed next week! 
I soon will have a wet studio set up in our basement to make lots new creations...
Dyeing processes, marbling silk, so many (endless) possibilities in my near future. 
Isn't making ART great? 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Got to see the Quilt Fest of New Jersey X Sunday

So a quilting buddy and I took a drive Sunday to attend the Quilt Fest of NJ X in Somerset NJ. Was a nice way to spend a quiet Sunday. Our MQG had an exhibit in the show, I actually was to have one of my own quilts in the exhibit but due to my month in FL I had to bow out.
But look at our fantastic banner.
Sadly my I-phone was a little blurry for a few of my photos yet hopefully you get the idea. ;)
The blocks throughout the banner were made from our various members, they did a great job of fitting them all into a wonderful banner to represent our MQG group.
There is nothing like attending a Quilt Fest Show to gather some inspiration, here's photos of some pieces I found quite intriguing.
These two quilts made me think of my folks and the many years they traveled in their Airstream.
They were created by Teresa Shippy
displayed in a special exhibition "Cool Classic Rides"

Then there was "Solar Sister Challenge Exhibit - Quilt for Change"
Discovered quite a few fabulous art quilts there...

Hoping you can read this 
Isn't this great?
The stitchery in this piece was amazing along with the message from the artist.
I have a few more photo's but unsure of the title's and artists name's so better not post.
It was an enjoyable day full of lots of inspiration. Gotta love Quilters.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Discovered the Treasure Coast MQG while in FL

So after the renovation work began to drive me crazy I decided to look for some fun for me while the hubby deemed to continue painting, etc. I was quite excited to discover that in Vero Beach nearby they had a MQG that was holding their first Quilt:Beach*  a stitch,learn,see,shop,meet and play day.
Lucky for me I was able to even sign up in time to be scheduled into a class or two.
After discovering the groups advertisement I noticed they had put out a call for "60" sampler challenge, submissions were to be included in a permanent installation.
Well this tweaked my interest and gave me a reason to create. Lucky me I had packed my little Janome in hopes of completing some quilting during our month in FL and up to then the only sewing I had done was on the guest room curtains.
So the following photos will show my process of creativity for a "60"s art quilt and then a peek into the Cathedral Window class I was able to attend.
Was a wonderful break from the renovation work I had had enough of. Was time to enjoy FL.
Having some fun creating
My idea of a "60" quilt
Label on back of quilt "60"
Cathedral Window workshop
Samples from class
My sample being sewn during class
my little pin cushion along with other squares to complete
The great news is I know there is an active MQ guild nearby the condo for any future visits to FL.

Our latest Florida redo and updates.

So during our month in Florida we did more updating on the condo. It's always interesting when the hubby and I decide to do some DIY work together lol one never knows what to
So here are some before and after shots of our latest DIY work.
Guest bathroom in condo-BEFORE

Guest bathroom midway during re-do. New floor I put in for $37.00 

AFTER: Completed renovation of guest bathroom.

BEFORE: Master bathroom before Reno

Notice master bathroom's many layers of wall paper & large mirrored cabinet.
We had to do some tile patch work since the new vanity was smaller in depth.

Managed to do a patchwork tile job with tiles we managed to find in condo.

New vanity & sink

Our Reno work is completed

AFTER: Condo's new master bathroom look.
After a couple weeks of work on the condo I finally said ENOUGH! no more Reno work for me it was/is time to get to enjoy the area and condo just as it is. Lucky for me I discovered a great group of MQG quilters that just happened to be holding a workshop conference called "Quilt:Beach" nearby in Vero Beach. Stay tuned....

Where does time go?

I realized I have not blogged for weeks. While in FL we did not have internet so that helped me neglect my blog a little, Yet....??? we all know I have been struggling with blogging during the past months.
Wondering why blogging seems to be more of a chore then it used to be? 
Well today maybe I'll do a marathon blog session lol a few too many new posts in one day? Hmmm is there such a thing?
Oh well...... we got home to PA almost a week ago and I am just now beggining to feel semi norm? 
Have to admit that choosing February to try being a snowbird turned out to be a great decision since this winter season of 2014 has proven to be a very snow heavy season for most of the USA.
When we got home last Sunday [after driving two long days in hopes of beating a storm that never came] we arrived to this welcome. :-) Sadly after a month of the snow plow running up and down our road we had a high pile of hardened snow at the entrance of our drive which of course prevented our entering.
The hubby has been working on the drive and sidewalk little by little all week.
I'm sure it might look a lot easier job then it is since the snow has been sitting there so long and is heavy and iced over.
Today I finally headed back into my studio, I am so behind in so many projects...
Here's a peek at one I'm working on...