Wednesday, September 9, 2009 what is the date? and where am I?

She arrived! Brynn Theodora Laverty
Here's a photo of Caleb seeing his little sister as she arrived home from the hospital, doesn't my daughter look great for just giving birth?

Let's see for those of you who might not know I started out in August for a whirlwind weekend in Detroit so my husband could attend my son's bachelor party/golf outing... I got to visit and stay with my folks while the men played.....since my son's told me no women allowed at our MI house. ;-)
We then flew to Hawaii where my husband had business but I got to play tourist and just relax by the pool. From there I flew onto where I am now...."Denver", at my daughter Keli's house while we awaited the birth of my second grandchild a little girl....well fast forward a few days since in my last posting Keli had been in labor and finally headed to the hospital for delivery!
Well my grand-daughter did arrive....she is perfect, was 7 pounds 15 ozs. 21 inches long and was named Brynn Theodora Laverty! (in case one does not know Teddi is nickname for Theodora ;-) so yes my name is her middle name ;-)))). Here is my little one age one day.
I was kept very busy watching my grandson Caleb while his parents were in the hospital for the few days they keep you now..... lol.
The family is doing great and we're in a schedule already so while I am trying to help I also have a few projects keeping me busy.....remember the letters I need to paint for my grandson's room? Well I am plugging away but also frustrated because I wish was in my studio with my stuff, here I have set up my temporary painting space in their basement on their bar...I'm sure they'll be glad when I complete the paintings and get the area cleaned up..... lol lol

I've done no quilting while here; but oh well I am making memories I can never replace ;-))))
I return to VA Sept 13 but then a week later head to MI for my son's's been a busy time in my life! But a very blessed time!!!!
Sure a good thing I retired!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's been a nice week

So I'm enjoying my time in Denver....the mountain area is starting to grow on me now that Keli has been here more then 5 years lol lol ....I have had an enjoyable time getting to share the last weeks of Keli's second pregnancy. I will be getting a grand-daughter very fact Keli felt it might have been last night though her due date is Sept 6. Last evening or actually most of yesterday Keli started getting 9:30 she was clocking them consistently and by 11:00 it was time to visit the hospital since they had been every 5 minutes for over an hour....sadly when she got to the hospital she found she was in contractions but by 2:30 had not progressed so came she waits ;-) but we decided to have a nice girlie day to help pass the time...we got pedicures and a new baby book for baby #two, and a few odds and ends and oh yes lunch! ;-) was a great day! Here's a picture of Keli on Weds evening and then in fuchsia today. Do you think she's dropped ;-)

I've been having a lot of fun with my sweet grandson should see him on the trampoline! He's only 2 1/2 year old yet so coordinated and though he loves his routines he's also so adaptable.
He loves his sports that is for sure! Keli got him a laundry shoot that is a basketball hoop which you can see in these little videos he is finding many ways to use it.