Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sorry for the lapse in blogging..But Summertime is busy and fun!

Ok so the last item I blogged about was the tshirt quilt I was making for my nephew's graduation.
During the construction of the quilt I did run into problems due to my forgetfulness.
If you notice the bottom corner of the quilt is the label which was made in part by printing special family photos. Sadly I FORGOT to use my Epson printer to print the photos so when I washed the quilt you will see the ink basically washed away.
So here is the quilt when I thought it was done. Thankfully my habit is to wash my quilts before I give them away, after the quilt was washed I noticed the ink had basically washed away. I suggest if you are going to print out any photos to be included in quilts that are to be washed to use a printer that has pigma ink such as Epson printers use.
Was sad that I did not catch my mistake before the quilt was quilted it now
left me with a dilemma of how to  correct my mistake.

Ink washed out = "Oh NO!"
Came up with a solution that meant reprinting the photos using correct printer this time and used fabric as frames, managed to sew them on  quilt with invisible thread and hoped no one would be the wiser. (Unless of course they read my blog lol)
Oh and YES I washed the quilt again to make sure repair worked.

Lesson learned: #1.) Keep the habit of washing quilts before they are given away.
#2.) Always remember when printing photos that will be washed to use pigma ink printers.