Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Let's get back on track!

So here's a quick peek at some of my projects from today. 
This is as much a peek as I can share of this quilt till it's completed and gifted...cute little red lobster? 😉

Sad to admit I forgot to take the before pic of this table but imagine how it looked when it was black as the one chair still is...
Big improvement don't ya think? Still need to remove the blue masking tape near the spindles and finish waxing the chairs but I love what the Annie Sloan 'old ochre' did! Looks so much better in the room now! 
Until next time... Keep creating peeps.

Today's social media ?? Good or bad? (Warning: a lot of babble so might want to skip this post)

Having just celebrated my birthday July 29 & After a lot of joking about it being a rough number to celebrate "my Medicare bday" [Whoops please let me make one thought clear first " I feel very blessed to be given the opportunity to celebrate 65 after feeling the loss of many dear and loved friends/relatives/co-workers etc. much too early in their lives.]
NOW onto the topic of my post.  First it does amaze me that I have NOT completed a post since last April! Then when I review most of my recent post titles or the starting sentences of my posts, they all acclaim the same 😢😪😖 how I cannot believe I have not posted. {So NOT funny.}
I wonder if anyone else has begun to be disappointed in Social media? Facebook? The Internet? Maybe all of the same and above? 🙄
I know that IT adds many great things to our lives but I am starting to feel it also sucks out so many minutes and more from of our lives too?
'I am' thinking since this is a year of political upheaval [*Please do not misunderstand: I HONOR and BELIEVE in our (America) 'Our Freedom's and Right to Vote and I exercise those rights."]  I just think political campaigning on the Internet is becoming a huge mess! So much false information being passed around, so much cut and pasting, so much defriended, blocking, etc. I am afraid it is overflowing into our daily lifestyle. Such bad habits.
Oh well enough of my babble! I just realized I am not helping my present predicament nor moving forward in my creativity by babbling. lol
It is time for me to decide whether to get back into my old habit of blogging which actually was a great habit for me because it made me stay on the straight and as they say narrow road towards my goal to create. 'Art Feeds One's Soul' so thinking it is time for me to get busy!
So let's see now?
I have a baby quilt I must complete ASAP
I have two challenge Quilts due; one in Sept. one for Oct.
I have my own king size quilt I set as a goal.
I have a very special Star Wars quilt planned for my grandson.
Ok that's 5 projects on my list with deadlines TIME for me to get moving along and hopefully the blogging posts will follow suit. Stay tune.
Everyone have a productive creative day!