Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's been a blessed week, but now it's about a 12 hour drive home...

We've had a very busy blessed week... Hubby and I drove last weekend to MI to celebrate some family milestones both in Rockford MI and Clinton Township,MI (opposite sides of the state) so lots of miles on the Ford this week. We first celebrated our nieces highschool graduation and then last night our daughter-in-law's (we prefer to say daughter-in-heart) graduation in internal medicine from Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center.
In between the ceremonies we even managed to squeeze in quick visits with my folks and the hubby's 83 year old aunt who lives on Harsens Island. We are now making our way back to VA, the GPS predicts another 10 h 51m.

I can finally post photos of the last quilt I completed. I had mentioned the quilt was a huge secret and I actually managed NOT to spill the beans by blogging about it. lol lol
So to fill you in a little on the story behind this quilt...when I first moved to VA and had just taken up quilting (was a complete newbie) my niece and family came down to visit us. During their visit we made a stop at my local quilt store Kelly Ann's in Warrenton to pick out I think a backing for my first quilt top. Well my niece Emily mentioned to her mom that she wanted to make a quilt and they proceeded to pick out about 5 various patterns of fabric so Emily could begin to design her quilt. Well at various times throughout the next 5 or so years we have teased Emily about her quillt.
We would ask her "hey Emily have you completed your quilt?" lol lol knowing the answer might be "quilt? What quilt?" :-)
So as a surprise graduation gift with a little help from her mom who managed to dig up the original fabrics and 4 or so squares Emily had designed along with a few of her high school activity t-shirts and a new one from Michigan State (where she will be a freshman next year) I surprised her with a completed memory quilt. It was a successful surprise. :-)

We have had a very special yet tiring week, we pray for smooth safe road travel on our journey home.. I hope to post more about the design process of her quilt when we make it back to VA...till then hope you enjoy seeing the photos.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

On route to family celebrations,

So we are on route to attend loads of family celebrations this coming week up north. Luckily before we left I managed to complete a quilt that was completed by my mother and Me. :-) Little did my mom know....
Over Christmas holiday this year I discovered a plastic bag in one of our MI property's closets that my sisters had put there a few years back when they moved our folks from their condo to their present senior apartment.
Well during that move there was a lot of downsizing...and well lucky for me they had no idea what to do with a bag of what they called fabric possibly for quilting. It turned out the bag had strips of piecing my mother had begun years ago...and I do mean years...what is great is the fabric is old so loads of old patterns :-) and colors. My guess was Mom was in the mist of making a ribbon style quilt with her sewing group from Punta Gorda.
I was thrilled with the discovery and decided the quilt must be completed.
Well here it is :-) I am taking it to Mi for my mom to inspect, lol lol lol but it's my treasure to keep.....

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