Sunday, April 12, 2009

It’s been such a nice week…too bad soon back to reality…

So Spring break has been such a nice time in Hawaii but sadly all good things usually do come to an end….I have one more day in paradise then we must fly back to reality! P1050174 Today I finally for the first time all week got to spend a couple hours by the pool in the sun..sadly we have been on the run so much during this visit that tan time has been limited! Guess it was my Angels telling me UV rays are not good for one’s health  lol lol…P1050382 Tomorrow I am hoping for sun for one last chance by the pool or maybe even some snorkeling then we trek off to the airport for an eight hour flight then  shorter flight Chicago to Dulles…then back to work the next day. P1050439Tues I KNOW I will be dragging by the end of the school day…this time change thingy is rough on us .

A good thought…when I return to reality I have 9 more weeks of this school year….count down will now begin!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So I've been much too busy to post lately....mostly due to fun! ;-)

I'm in Hawaii! After the county show I had a very busy week at school...besides being the week before Spring Break it was grade time! I also was trying to get some stuff returned to my students! I remind my parents all the time that projects the children do are THEIRS to keep and I try to make sure the children get their projects, sadly the students (possibly due to middle school age?) many times just do not pick up their stuff or they throw it in the first garbage can they think is out of my site ;-) well except their clay projects, they usually make sure to take that home! So back to my reason for not Besides trying to hunt for my first semester artists I had to compile my grades and get my report cards marked before heading off to Spring Break. ;-)
Next...A Real Reason for lack of postings!
I'm in Hawaii ;-))) YAY!
It's been a busy time so far....I've hardly had time for sunning ;-( boy will be bummed if I go home without some tan but such is life.
We're in Waikiki staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Rainbow Tower..and one night this week we flew or puddle jumped to the "Big Island" for Bill to attend business meeting while I just relaxed and enjoyed an amazing hotel, another Hilton.
So today it's rainy and cloudy (and NOPE I do not expect anyone to feel sorry for me lol) Turned out perfect day for me to take a 2 hour Hawaiian Quilting Lesson from Anna ;-) Now any quilter knows 2 hour lesson gives me another UFO to complete when I can ;-)))) maybe something to work on during the flights home. I thoroughly enjoyed the class though so highly recommend Anna.
Well my hubby just walked in from his long day of work so I'm signing off to explore or enjoy more of Hawaii with Bill.......will post more for sure when I arrive back to VA next week.