Saturday, April 26, 2014

I've been busy

I finally came to a realization actually should state I finally admitted lol that I had become a very stagnant person. Physically doing nothing, I mean nothing of any type of exercising movement. :-) 
I hope some of my buddies will relate and not leave me alone in admitting this. 
So I made a new resolution to try to begin moving and to get back to a healthy status for my age. 
I am lucky that we have a really nice YMCA four miles from the house with great equipment so I have been trying go at least 4 out of 7 days to the Y to move. I keep announcing it to my FB buddies when I head on over and now here in hopes of shaming myself IF I do not go. Would be great to fit it in 6 says a week, but why defeat myself if I have stuff interfere. 
RE: sewing I have 3 quilts I am working on that have a deadline looming but cannot share them yet.
here's a semi peek

So until next time...try to get moving and keep on smiling!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Banana factory in Bethlehem

had so much fun participating in a nuno felting workshop at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem PA. Here's some photos of the process (that is as long as this post works out from my iPhone ) 

Banana factory
Spreading fibers
Bubble wrap in place
Roll the bubble wrap around tube and rolling begins 400 rolls
Fellow classmates scarves

Selfie with finished scarf

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wishing I was in MI today to celebrate..

So I can post photos of the other baby quilt I mentioned completing since the mommy and daddy received it during their baby shower today via my DIL. I wish I could have been with the family for the celebration, I know a great time was had by them all.
It has become a semi tradition habit that I make a time out chair to go along with a baby quilt when someone in the family is expecting a new baby. I used to be able find little wood chairs at Michael's or other craft stores that I would then paint. Sadly they do not seem to be stocking the chairs any more. I managed to find a wood chair at Ikea and decided to give it a try, one plus for me; it was easy to order, re-paint and re-package to be shipped to my son in MI who then put it together to be included as  part of my shower gift.
So I knew it's a boy and the nursery has soft blue walls.  
Completed baby quilt with little minky ribbon tag blankie
Time out chair w/matching book along with baby quilt.
Notice backing is the soft "minky" my kids all seem to love.
Detail shot of baby quilt
For my nephew's Baby boy 
Now back to the studio, still have 3 more baby quilts to go.....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One of two baby quilts arrived, pics of second one next week.

So I mentioned that I had completed a couple baby quilts but could not post photos until I knew the recipient had the quilt in their possession.
One has been delivered so here is a peek, I wish I had a pic of the pretty new baby girl that will be using this to share but this will have to do.
Remember this photo of the backing?
On the front we have some Pooh
This a the second Pooh baby quilt I've made this family. :-)
Tried to semi coordinate it with big sister's baby quilt

I already mentioned there seems to be a run of new babies in my family and friends families this spring. I have 3 more baby quilts to complete before May 1, 2014 so it's back to the studio for me!