Saturday, February 9, 2013

End of one era for sure now..

I have mentioned to my hubby for a few years that I intended to sell my 36 inch weaving loom that has been neglected for years. Lucky me posted an online ad and today it went to a new home.
Sadly when one lets go of things it can sometimes stir up memories.
Long ago I remember purchasing my loom as a kit which I then stained and oiled the wood and then put the 36inch 4 harness loom together and proceeded to learn how to weave.
The first time I set up my loom I made placemats and lucky for me my mom liked to hang onto things,
you'll notice a photo of them.:-)
So this is the end of an era for me RE: weaving...but heck there is only so much one can focus on.:-)

36 inch 4 harness loom ready for new home

Included the two warping boards in sale.

The books, raddle, various shuttles went too!

My first set of placemats I gave my mom long ago.

 A baby blanket, the white shawl and a large linen dining table cloth I made long ago.

This table cloth had 1200 ends or threads in the warp when I wove it.
The reward of selling my loom was the purchase of my new Ipad.

What an honor to view these quilts

When I was in Michigan last week to celebrate a family member's wedding I also got to get together with a few of my best buds one of them is the proud owner of some wonderful quilts that her husband's mother made and gifted to her.
There were at least a dozen quilts most hand pieced, a few had some machine piecing but all of them were hand quilted. The quilter's name is: Lydia Sommer (maiden name/Oswald). The quilts are amazing I felt so lucky to be able to view, touch ;-) and dream away about them. 
some 9 square blocks and triangles

double wedding ring

baby quilt for her grand-daughter

hand tied instead of quilted/utility child's quilt

hand quilted

a little bit of everything, flying geese, bow tie,9 squares

hand piecing and hand quilted

nine square and triangles


back of quilt showing all the hand quilting

such wonderful designs and quilting

close up of double wedding ring



back showing hand quilting

such wonderful quilts

back showing quilting

My girlfriend is so blessed to have these wonderful quilts such a wonderful legacy from her husband's mother. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

I promised "My MOM" and kept my word.

Way back in August I'm sure I posted that my mother had come to visit for the month AND 
She and I got to bond through our sewing machines and quilting.
It was so much fun to see my mother sewing and using her own little Elna machine she had sewn on so many years ago. Was the same machine I used while learning how to quilt with my first guild in VA.
Here is mom sewing at my home in Quakertown during August.
She completed a few quilt tops during her visit and was very proud,
 actually thrilled with herself.
This is one of the patterns she worked on that proved difficult, drove her crazy ;-)
We laughed and laughed as mom worked on this pattern.
She got 9 squares completed and made me promise to help her get this one done.
She decided she enjoyed quilting with long strips (jelly rolls) versus little piece work.
So as promised I completed this little lap quilt mom worked on in August,
it turned out cute don't you think?
Hope the recipient enjoys it and will treasure it always.
Mom shared with me as we worked on the quilt who she intended it for.
It' still a secret…;-) so will tell you later..
Here is my mom during our last visit in November 2012 at her new apartment.
Mom had my sisters set up a little sewing area when she moved in hopes of completing
lots more quilt tops for me to quilt for her. This ended up being the last one she completed.
We had so much fun quilting together and she made me feel so proud when she told me my quilts are special. I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to quilt with my mom. Such special memories.
So as promised I completed my Mom's last lap quilt and I KNOW the recipient
will treasure it as much as my mom treasured her.
Yup I actually plan to part with it as difficult as that might prove to be.

So until next time…..May the sun be shining on us all.

I've been very busy trying to live life

So it seems that posting has been difficult for me the past few months I always state that I will try to be more consistent YET?
Oh well not going to fret about it, instead will take it one day at a time… ;-)
So I have been busy during my month of January. The first part of the month I attended my first quilting retreat with my new guild. Keystone Quilters of Quakertown PA. One great thing about quilters…they never act like strangers so you always feel like you have buddy.
Here are some photos of the fabulous work that took place during our 4 day retreat.
Wall of quilters projects

New buddy's wall quilt isn't this fantastic!

The 3rd quilt top I worked on during the retreat. Technique using strips.

Fellow quilter's quilt in progress.

Success lots of sewing completed in 4 days of no distractions.
I love quilters! Always a friendly face to greet you…