Saturday, February 9, 2013

End of one era for sure now..

I have mentioned to my hubby for a few years that I intended to sell my 36 inch weaving loom that has been neglected for years. Lucky me posted an online ad and today it went to a new home.
Sadly when one lets go of things it can sometimes stir up memories.
Long ago I remember purchasing my loom as a kit which I then stained and oiled the wood and then put the 36inch 4 harness loom together and proceeded to learn how to weave.
The first time I set up my loom I made placemats and lucky for me my mom liked to hang onto things,
you'll notice a photo of them.:-)
So this is the end of an era for me RE: weaving...but heck there is only so much one can focus on.:-)

36 inch 4 harness loom ready for new home

Included the two warping boards in sale.

The books, raddle, various shuttles went too!

My first set of placemats I gave my mom long ago.

 A baby blanket, the white shawl and a large linen dining table cloth I made long ago.

This table cloth had 1200 ends or threads in the warp when I wove it.
The reward of selling my loom was the purchase of my new Ipad.

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