Saturday, February 9, 2013

What an honor to view these quilts

When I was in Michigan last week to celebrate a family member's wedding I also got to get together with a few of my best buds one of them is the proud owner of some wonderful quilts that her husband's mother made and gifted to her.
There were at least a dozen quilts most hand pieced, a few had some machine piecing but all of them were hand quilted. The quilter's name is: Lydia Sommer (maiden name/Oswald). The quilts are amazing I felt so lucky to be able to view, touch ;-) and dream away about them. 
some 9 square blocks and triangles

double wedding ring

baby quilt for her grand-daughter

hand tied instead of quilted/utility child's quilt

hand quilted

a little bit of everything, flying geese, bow tie,9 squares

hand piecing and hand quilted

nine square and triangles


back of quilt showing all the hand quilting

such wonderful designs and quilting

close up of double wedding ring



back showing hand quilting

such wonderful quilts

back showing quilting

My girlfriend is so blessed to have these wonderful quilts such a wonderful legacy from her husband's mother. 

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