Monday, February 28, 2011

Making headway....

Even though the day was dreary  [rain and 'tornado watch' type of day] there's something about the hum of a sewing machine that can seem to wipe it all away...
What is even better is I managed to complete the quilt top so next up...I have two quilts to get quilted and binding on ;-) 
So does this look like it belongs in a Northern MI home on the water?
Well tomorrow is another day.....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loving this quick design yet...

So I am finally getting to a quilt I promised a friend of mine as a retirement surprise. Yes it's a little late ;-) thankfully my friends know how I
So the pattern I decided to try began with easy cutting of fat quarters into 3 main sizes of strips 

Next step create 3 piece strips that would be cut into blocks

Final steps will be to sew the blocks together and then add borders ;-)
design one
design two
I love the way this pattern went together so quickly now if I could just figure out how NOT to over analyze so much? I mean geeeshhhh it only took me a couple minutes to place my blocks into a design, now if I could just get myself to just go with it instead of then standing back and over analyzing.  To show what I mean or for example I have posted two photos of the block placement..... see if you can see the difference between the two and then tell me which one do you prefer? ;-)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I forgot to post that I WON!

So how much fun is this? 
I have been participating with a monthly fiber challenge group whenever I can and 
I WON the January challenge ;-) and today part of my prize arrived in the mail.
My prize was sponsored by C&T publishing / An E-book of my choice and a Ready to go Blank Canvas Book. Check out

In January I decided to try to get more involved this year in various online fiber opportunities: possibly fiber art swaps, quilt a-longs or challenges. 

So far I participated in a postage stamp quilt along,  I signed up for a mug rug swap and just this week my mug rugs arrived in the mail....didn't I luck out? 
They are glorious and I thank my swap partner for the wonderful package of goodies and creations she mailed me.

I also participated in a postcard swap and got my two cards off on time and  have received notification of their arrival  ;-) in return I have received one of mine so far... I am hoping my other card arrives soon...

The next online opportunity I am going to participate in is an online dyeing class taught by Glennis Dolce of Shibori Girl Studios. Check out her beautiful shibori creations at  My supply kit arrived today in the mail. Looking forward to this opportunity.

I'm enjoying the new experiences and look forward to more.
Tomorrow maybe I'll find some time to post a peek at some of my recent sewing and quilting.........I've been on a roll......... ;-) It feels great.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Completed "Winter Blues " next step to quilt it.

Amazing how quickly some things go together when it feels just right ;-)
I had a few lovely days in PA visiting my daughter and grand babies, so much fun!

Got back home late Weds evening in order to make some Thursday appointments. We have enjoyed two lovely days of weather (record weather today of 77 ) assures me Spring is right around the corner. Looking forward to some dyeing.
Tonight I completed my quilt top "Winter Blues" ;-) I will post photo showing the final border design I decided on but only after I complete quilting it.
I'm pleased with the end result and now have the task of deciding how to free motion the top  ;-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can you say OVERKILL? lol

So as I mentioned I decided to leave "Winter Blues" on the design board and walk away for a day or two...good thing because the next morning I looked at what I had completed and thought to myself.."Oh my nothing like overkill or too much of a good thing?"
So for the time being I pulled down the excess pieces and have escaped to PA for a few days of enjoyment with two of my grand-babies...Brynn and Caleb.
I will proceed with quilting upon my return ;-)
So while mommy is away at work today Caleb and I have made banana bread so far and....
Caleb in his tent

Quiet time

yum yum lunchtime
I am getting reacquainted with Dora, Max and Erma and even quiet time ;-) and of course loads of hugs!!!
See you in a couple days...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just was not flowing today?

Continued working on "Winter Blues" today but wow maybe I was having winter blues because I just did not feel the flow today ;-( thankfully I hung in there after getting re-acquainted with my seam ripper. ;-) Thinking I might finally have a plan for the border. It's time to let the piece hang a little so I can back off and see how I feel tomorrow, if so I'll attach the border tomorrow. Thank goodness for design boards.
So here is photo 'Audition #3'.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Productive morning..but now time to go to the pool...

This morning I have been working on and auditioning a border for the "Winter Blues" quilt top...not sure you will see the differences in the two photos but look closely and you might notice a change??
Audition 1 

Audition 2

I am pleased my idea seems to be working out as planned but need a break...... good time to head to my necessary pool thing that has been proven to me during the past year is that pool therapy for me works and has become a necessity so why fight it? ;-) I am thankful for our neighborhood facility along with the fact that the pool most days is empty but for me ;-) during the times I seem to go which makes for a nice quiet relaxing workout.Weekends of course are different, might end up being some grand-kids of neighbors enjoying the pool today ;-) lol  certain hours posted for that. I intend to get this quilt top sewn together this weekend and then will start planning how I will quilt it.. I have a few ideas floating around in my thoughts right now....I am hoping to have it figured out by the time I have it on my HQ16. So off to the pool I go.......Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Friday, February 11, 2011

been plugging away...

So got my winters blues piece sewn together and ready to add the sure took more time then I expected to sew all the various pieces together yet so far so good...maybe tomorrow I can get it completed.

Winter Blues

 I also made sure to get my swap items in the is a photo of the mug rugs I made for the swap....hope my swap partner enjoys them, they were my first attempt at mug rugs..I look forward to receiving mine.

online mug rug swap

 I have another new idea brewing....intend to construct this when it's design ready using my new felting/embellishing machine ;-)))

starting point of new wall hanging

Well back to the sewing machine.....  ;-))

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where oh where have I been?

Oh my! I seem to be lax again with my sorry... So where have I been and what have I been up to you ask?
Let's see...I have been plugging away at the postage stamp quilt along...sadly I missed posting a completed photo before they drew names for prizes, somehow missed the due date that was posted? ;-(  that has taken the shine off trying to get it quilted w/ binding on.... but this too will be completed.
Then there are the postcards I remembered I signed up to swap...thankfully I have them completed and ready for mailing on Monday..

I also have to complete the binding on two mug rugs I signed up to swap too! Again the plan is to have them in Monday's mail too.
mug rugs

I decided to give an all blue free style quilt a shot so have been working towards that might end up a challenge's some photos of what I have so far....just in the beginning process......

The winter blues
The hubby and I also had a chance to drive to Vermont for a lovely ski weekend with my son..the first time in 20 years my hubby skied! I admit I was envious yet got to spend some quality time with my youngest grandchild so I was content.
Charlotte enjoying the cloth book grandma made her.

The boys head out...

The skiers head out for the afternoon runs.

Claire (Charlotte's mommy) and Hubby Bill
Okay so enough already, I hope you can tell I have been busy enjoying life and will forgive me for being lax with my posts....Everyone have a grand weekend and Welcome February!