Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loving this quick design yet...

So I am finally getting to a quilt I promised a friend of mine as a retirement surprise. Yes it's a little late ;-) thankfully my friends know how I
So the pattern I decided to try began with easy cutting of fat quarters into 3 main sizes of strips 

Next step create 3 piece strips that would be cut into blocks

Final steps will be to sew the blocks together and then add borders ;-)
design one
design two
I love the way this pattern went together so quickly now if I could just figure out how NOT to over analyze so much? I mean geeeshhhh it only took me a couple minutes to place my blocks into a design, now if I could just get myself to just go with it instead of then standing back and over analyzing.  To show what I mean or for example I have posted two photos of the block placement..... see if you can see the difference between the two and then tell me which one do you prefer? ;-)

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