Sunday, February 21, 2016

We are starting week 7 of the "Go Red for Women BetterU challenge sponsored by FPL"

Warning: Not a quilt related post today ;-)
I cannot believe I am entering week 7 of the challenge already?
Don't know about anyone else, but my days sure fly by much too quickly.
I am enjoying living in Stuart FL and have been staying active or moving thanks to being involved in the West Palm Beach #GoRedPB #lifeiswhy #fplbetteru.

I decided to stay away from my scale as I enjoy the challenge and decided to set my goals to move more and to try to follow the healthy heart nutrition advice we are recieving.
Eat more fruit, veggies and grains and less red meats. Fish, Salmon and healthy lean meat still should only take up 1/4 of your dinner plate. ;-)
One thing I am happy to report is that by completing my daily walks on the beach,along with trying to eat healthy I have lost inches and lowered my resting heart rate by 6 beats.
I am amazed that as each month passes since my surgery last March I can feel how my body/ nerve endings have actually healed more and more  as each day goes by.
I cannot believe how stagnant or lazy I was for over 5 years due to chronic pain. I am so thankful for the wonderful neurosurgeons that treated me through those years, but even more thankful that the surgery last March has really given me my life back.
Yesterday as I was walking the beach with my husband (walking partner in crime) I teased him by running a little. I have begun running short sprints at times JUST BECAUSE I CAN again? It amazes me that I actually feel like I can semi run now. When I was in the constant pain I knew I did not have the balance or strength to run so tried to not get myself into a situation where I might have to run. It is such a great feeling knowing I am regaining my strength and actually can try to run again.
Roasting veggies are great!
I am thankful my daughter Keli got me involved with the challenge. I am enjoying all the new recipes and hints we have been given by Ivy Larson who is working along with the West Palm Beach American Heart Org to lead us to have healthy hearts and a healthy heart lifestyle.
Remember meat is 1/4 of your plate
Chia pudding and fruit great way to get protein

Hubby and me heading out 
Time for me to get off the computer and get some steps in!
Everyone get up and get moving more.
See you soon.