Saturday, August 3, 2013

Plugging along and having fun

So week two and three have sort of blended together for me in my abstraction class. I am feeling a sense of growth but also some frustration or feelings of being too literal or holding back in my exploration of art quilting. It's funny I have been able to gain a confidence in my design work of functional quilts but now I need to gain that confidence into my wall designs. I am completing pieces so far that show no risk, I need to learn to break the boundaries I seem to have set for myself. Instead of so literal I need to try to simplify more. Time to keep plugging away.
So here are a few of the things I have accomplished the past two weeks.
Abstracted landscape pieced with my own marbled fabrics
Homework #2
photo inspiration

I used my IPAD app to design
Added color using the IPAD app
Now to create the idea

Homework week 3 Abstracted object/s
NOT abstracted sadly if you ask me, I need to simplify, but it was fun.

Finally got my larger Nancy Crow piece quilted after having it sit in the pile much too long!
Still one of my favorite pieces to date. Now to get it hung up.

Close up of the Nancy Crow inspired piece, color is not correct in this photo.

Next up to piece together, my own design using some of my marbled fabrics and solid kona cotton.
Time to sign off and get to the work!  ENJOY…see you later it's time to sew.