Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Soon I will be making art again!

I finally focused and dug into the mess in our basement today..boxes boxes everywhere.
I've got them sorted and thankfully many emptied. ;-) My agenda was to organize a dyeing area and a painting area so I can finally get back to making ART! I am happy to report I think I was successful.
It was a long day's work but I am happy to report I now have an area to begin dyeing my silk again AND an area to begin painting our bunk beds with Annie Sloan paint so I can get one guest room set up for the grand-kids someday soon.
I am not sure I took a before photo of the mess of boxes when we moved in…but just picture the area in my photo as solid stacks of boxes as far as you can see…
This is what the basement looks like now as we come down the steps.

This corner is where I will be dyeing my silks ;-) buckets lined up and ready.

The other side will be my painting area.

Found these old art pieces I created in the past, it's funny how one can forget things they've packed away.
So here's a question for other artists..what do you do with your old art work?
Do you keep it around or throw it away?

Well little by little I am finally feeling like we are getting unpacked and settled in..
Tomorrow I hope to spend the afternoon in my quilting studio I really need to get that room settled so I can begin to focus and spend my time making art again…
Just keep smiling and making art…

Monday, July 30, 2012

So finally sharing our new house...

So rather go into ALL the aches and pains of our move…which "Trust me sadly there were many": Way too many miles on our car, a flat tire, new brakes, new tires, etc…rental trucks, trailers, etc.  Instead let's move on to some before and after photos…
I've been tempted to send some after photos to the past owners to see what they think?

Thankfully even though they were very sad to be moving and leaving the home they left it amazingly clean and passed onto us a list of many hints and the name of our neighbor who happens to be a great contractor/builder that handled some renovating along with the painting of almost all the first floor level for us as you will notice from the photos.
So let's begin with the entrance hallway which leads to the dining room, hubby's office and the family room.
Before photo: Entering foyer, notice open doorway to office.
Now Photo:  We had french doors put on entrance to office and have all new wall colors.
Before: dining room
Now: dining room, our furniture (intend to change wall color in future)

Before: Their office

Now:  Office painted shade of red with new french door entrance.

Next we have the power room


Next the Family room, 


Now: fresh new wall color

Onto the kitchen and kitchen eating area. 

After:  New wall color, new gas stove,


Now: new wall color and our oak table
So that's all for now..will continue with the tour of our new residence tomorrow….stay tune..
May the sun keep shining your way..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's been a while since I felt I could post

I like many people experience had the wind knocked out of my sails in April.
Just as my husband and I were going to make the final move to our new residence in April my loving father was called to his heavenly home.
I was very blessed to have my dad in my life until now..he was 90 years old, almost 91 and married to my mother happily for 66 years.
The loss of my father changed many dynamics of the move for my hubby and me, the wake and funeral  for my father took place in MI on the very day our moving truck was to load up and deliver the furniture from VA to PA. We were very lucky that April 30 was a Monday it technically gave us a few days to reschedule the moving truck (they were very accommodating and sweet). We ended up adding a few thousand miles to the family car during April but we made it through…
At times I still feel lost and very tired of so many boxes yet to explore in the basement….but all in due time..
Though I miss him dearly I know my father will always be watching over me..

Parents wedding photo
Parents years later

my daddy-daughter dance on my wedding day

My folks and I as I was heading back to VA recently after a visit with them in MI.