Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's difficult to stay focused...

I wonder if anyone else ever finds it difficult to stay focused or limit themselves to just one creative outlet? I love quilting but sadly I have a lot of artistic interests that seem to pull me astray from my fabric endeavors.
So here's some examples of  today's distractions.
So my daughter gave me 3 photo canvas's that were sent to her by mistake and I wondered what would happen if I were to gesso them and try to do a 3 panel painting? Saw an idea on Pinterest, doing a little work on them each day in layers. Tomorrow more work on the sky area.
Sadly still owe my year and half old grand-daughter her painted chair. Again little by little.

I host my bee next week and decided to present variations for disappearing 9 square blocks
So spent some of my day sewing examples.
Liked the design opportunities with this variation. 
This technique seems to have endless variations, I look forward to exploring it more.
This block used charm squares and 1 1/2 inch strips,so many possibilities.
Simple 9 square block cut twice, rotated then resew.

So many possibilities, hope my bee enjoys our exploration next week. 
 So until next time.... Have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I"m back... lol

So I can't believe it is almost time for the Oct. Bee meeting and just noticing my last post was days before our Sept. Bee meeting.
So let's see, a lot has happened since my last post. I'll share just a few...
I finally finished and sent off a baby boy quilt that was a few months late.

I completed my quilt using the blocks my CJ Modern Quilt Guild bee members made me.
Entered it (one of my three entries) in Keystone Quilt Guild bi-annual Quilt Show and took a third place ribbon in the mid size team quilts. 
Managed a quick trip to MI to visit with my baby grandson, who I miss so much I NEED another trip to MI ASAP to get hugs from him again.

The Oct. meeting of (Keystone) bee meets at my house next week so I am working on my topic, disappearing nine or four square blocks.
Also working on completing the present Michael Miller Challenge.

Will try to update soon. 
So until I hope you are enjoy some fall colors.