Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ever have a quilt that drove you crazy?

Wondering if you ever had a quilt that you began that turned out to be pure drudgery throughout your whole process? I have enjoyed the process and enjoyment I usually get from creating quilts since the very first quilt I attempted to make. Throughout the short years that I have been quilting, (having to learn how to sew, what tension meant,how to take care of one's machine) I had not come across a quilt that I didn't THAT IS UNTIL NOW.
I wish I could explain why this quilt has driven me crazy but thankfully it is now quilted and only needs the binding put on. 
Thankfully time to move on...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For some reason I'm stumbling RE: Quilting just NOT feeling in the zone?

So wondering if anyone else ever has had a period of time when suddenly they were just not feeling in the zone with their quilting?
I've sadly had a couple projects on my design walls also one waiting to be quilted on the mid-arm and yet I'm just not feeling it?
Hoping that this too shall pass…
For now though a couple peeks at the design boards..
Still gotta get this quilt completed ASAP
Future baby quilt

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not much to post

Not much to post about so will let the photos do the talking...

The day began

A few hours later

Poor birds are trying to chow down while they can?

Nothing beats a pot of turkey chili on a snowy day.

Buckling down betting tomorrow will be a quiet snowy day too!
Stay warm everyone.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Was a busy past week and weekend..lots of fun!

Not too much sewing was done since my quilt retreat sadly but lots of living life.
Let's see I finally unpacked the sewing supplies in time to pack up and head to my daughter's house for a few days of babysitting and spending some quality time with two of the grandbabies.
Of course when your grandchild announces they have out grown bath time for showers instead you begin to realize time is passing by much too quickly.

Chuck-E-Cheese outing
A little craft time

End result from our craft time.
C = Caleb or Chicago Bears, or so it was explained to me.

Brynn helping grandma create surprise for grandpa.

"Whoops a little too much sprinkles grandma" 

Grandpa's birthday cupcakes; birthday was Jan. 19.

Happy birthday to my hubby and their grandpa.

Testing out new links.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Final night of 2014 Keystone Quilters Retreat

35 quilters packed up and sewing away in a gymnasium/summer camp venue.
Always fun to see the various projects or techniques that get done during the non-stop sewing ( well minusmeal time or socializing.
Today I finally completed a buck a block project I participated in 2005 when I first began quilting.
 Minus the brain fart I had putting in an orange thin border which then drove me to the seam ripper it is done!
Check out the photos I am sure you will understand.
Brain fart...
Finished version.
Off to dream...

Friday, January 10, 2014

Already failing to keep my goal.

That's it for now...So last weekend I had the fun of celebrating with ALL 3 of my children and their spouses along with my 4 grandchildren. We had a really nice time visiting, the kids played hard and loudly including my grown kids :-) almost felt like I had a house full of teens again.
Then the "cold" storm hit the country and two of my children got stuck at my house instead of being able to return to MI thanks to the cold weather, icing of jets, lack of plowed runways, water main breaks etc.
So two days late the guests were gone and it was time for me to prepare my "stuff" to attend the annual quilt guild retreat. 
I admit I have not been feeling in the zone, so much I would like to sew yet don't seem to have a clear focus?
I gathered it felt like everything along with the kitchen sink, packed the car and off I went.
I am now to day two of sewing, have not much completed project wise instead have been focusing on new sewing techniques that are supposed to speed up the sewing process of different types of piece work such as 4 patch squares, how to quickly create a twin size quilt top using a layer cake, Etc. Etc.
no matter whether I am feeling in the zone or not fun is to be had by all when you gather 35 quilters together for 3.5 days to do nothing but sew.

So until next time...y'all just keep sewng.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Today turned into one of those days where I should have listened to my body telling me to just blow the day off  and just take what I like to refer to as a shut down day".
But NOPE I trudged along and after watching the hubby splitting wood in the yard with an neighbor figured I'd better get busy and do some more work on the challenge quilt.
I think you might figure it out from the photo that I spent a little time with my seam ripper today taking out as many seams as I put in lol lol [ Okay that statement is a little over exaggerated ] 
but here is my design board today.....yup not much accomplished today or so it feels.
Yet the quilt top is coming along.
An exciting thing to share is by the weekend we might have working electrical outlets in the basement along with some new ceiling lights specially in the area I hope to soon call my basement wet studio.
First the electric outlets then up next will be a work sink preferably stainless so I can do some dyeing   in my basement work area. YAY I can't wait.
While prepping the basement to be able to get some wiring I came across these old projects that hmmm maybe I'll try to finally finished for me.

Oh well so tomorrow is another day….. take care.