Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Today turned into one of those days where I should have listened to my body telling me to just blow the day off  and just take what I like to refer to as a shut down day".
But NOPE I trudged along and after watching the hubby splitting wood in the yard with an neighbor figured I'd better get busy and do some more work on the challenge quilt.
I think you might figure it out from the photo that I spent a little time with my seam ripper today taking out as many seams as I put in lol lol [ Okay that statement is a little over exaggerated ] 
but here is my design board today.....yup not much accomplished today or so it feels.
Yet the quilt top is coming along.
An exciting thing to share is by the weekend we might have working electrical outlets in the basement along with some new ceiling lights specially in the area I hope to soon call my basement wet studio.
First the electric outlets then up next will be a work sink preferably stainless so I can do some dyeing   in my basement work area. YAY I can't wait.
While prepping the basement to be able to get some wiring I came across these old projects that hmmm maybe I'll try to finally finished for me.

Oh well so tomorrow is another day….. take care.

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