About "ME"

I retired from teaching in June 2009 after 35 years of public school  education. I received a BAE from Eastern Michigan University  and a MAE from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.  
During my career I was privileged to teach various Art Students in MI, Alabama and VA. My classes included Kindergarten to 5th grade, Middle School [6,7&8] and High School Students [9,10,11&12]. 
I helped students develop their art for so long that during my teaching career I began to let my own art sadly slip to the wayside. 
Since a move to VA in 2004 I became formally introduced to quilting which brought back my love of working with fiber. 
We moved to Quakertown PA in 2012 to begin our (hubby and mine) retirement years. 
"I am a fiber artist!"  
Please wish me well in my journey and art.