Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our winter break in Stuart FL

So I have shown the makeover/update I had fun with while enjoying our winter break in FL but just so you know I did not spend that much time painting here are some photos of just some of our fun in the sun during Feb, 2013 in Stuart FL. I'll let the photos speak for themselves ;-). Enjoy...

Rainy day might be a quiet time to finally post

So let's see now, where did I leave off ;-) I had mentioned that Feb. had been a busy month. We were actually on the road a lot during Feb this year. First to MI to attend the family wedding and hand out some of mom's quilts. ;-)
As soon as we got back to PA we packed up and headed to Stuart FL. [My hubby's folks had lived in Stuart FL for most of their retirement and left behind a lovely condo to their sons. I had never made it to Stuart while Bill's folks were living there. During the past 8-9 years Bill's was very patient letting me/us take our available trips to MI to get visits in with my folks while we were still blessed to have them living.
Well as they say when one door closes another opens so we were off to Stuart, FL.
Turned out Stuart FL is a very nice area to visit specially during the dreary days of winter in PA.
It was bittersweet for my hubby at first, he has many great memories from time spent with his parents at their little condo, yet we quickly felt right at home and as my kids tell me "I could not sit still and not have some kind of art in my day" so….. I had some fun with some Annie Sloan paint we purchased from a nearby stockist. www.Nancysvintagewarehouse.com (Got to explore an artsy area to boot.)
I proceeded to do a little make over in the guest bedroom. I choose a can of Annie Sloan Provence and clear wax to work my magic.
Here is a before photo of the main dresser in guest room

Here is before photo of beds and drapes, etc.
Painting is process

After photo of beds, new lamp, new drapery, new comforters, etc.

After photo of main dresser, new lamp, etc.

Photo hubby took during our 2 week winter vacation, a nice decorative accent.

Next step in this makeover will be to freshen up the room via new wall paint.
Paint job hopes to be completed next Fall, we hope to plan a long work visit and have some fun updating the condo. I've got some more furniture to paint while hubby tackles the walls.

Friday, March 8, 2013

I was on the road a lot during February..

So if you recall I had posted a while ago that I had promised my mom to complete her lap quilts and pass them onto a couple people who held a special place in her heart…

So when we headed up to MI for a fabulous family wedding I had the pleasure of fulfilling my promise to my mom. Here's a few photos of the recipients enjoying their quilts.
Cousin Rosie with my mom's last lap-quilt.
And she would tell you "yes I have tears in my eyes" awwww.
My cousin Karen Ann's sweet grand-daughters enjoying her lap-quilt
co-created by my mother and I.

Wedding quilt I made for the MI Feb/2013 bride and groom
The happy Bride and Groom recipients.

So if I am lucky and stay focused I will catch you up more on my February happenings tomorrow..
Until then may the sun be shining on you all...