Friday, February 26, 2010

It’s been a wonderful time…

P1010584  I’ve been pleasantly amazed how relaxing this trip to Hawaii has been… my hubby has completed his work as usual during the week which leaves me most days to just sit by the pool ( I know tough life lol lol ) or to wander around the area quietly. The nice thing about this trip is I have thoroughly enjoyed the lack of demands, appointments, obligations? Sadly my poor hubby is home sick.. he left home a few days before me and started this trip in Calif before heading on to Hawaii so he’s tired and ready to head home. ;-)P1010587

We have one more day to enjoy and it’s a weekend day so Bill gets to have some fun before we head home on the long dreaded flights…..we are going on a biking, sailing, snorkel day with his college friends who just happen to be in Waikiki.

It’s going to be hard to leave paradise and get back to the norm….  but oh well..there’s always my quilting ;-))))


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Only 3 more days ;-(

After enjoying my day in the sun I realize there are only 3 more days this trip for us to try to squeeze in as much fun and sun as possible before we head back to snow? ??? Not sure what we will find when we head back to VA but I DO KNOW it will not be this paradise…..P1010374

Tomorrow we hope to head over to the North Shore because we’ve heard the waves are up? 15 to 20 foot high waves? Surfs up!

Bill’s got friends from college days in Hawaii now and he’s planning to show them around a little.. Saturday we go on a Biking, Sailing & Snorkeling day with them. Sounds like fun….Sunday we fly home All DAY! ;-(

P1010367 P1010529

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So when in Hawaii….enjoy!

So though I am trying to get back to old habits I must take into account that when given certain opportunities one must stop and enjoy those moments. I am fortunate to be in Waikiki at this moment thanks to my hubby and his  job. During the last hmmm think 3 years my husband has work that takes him to Honolulu every once in a while. It can be grueling days for him since the time change can mean he sometimes gets up by 5:00am to work with VA co-workers and then completes full days of Hawaii time workday.  When I used to be employed it left me stuck in VA imagining the sun of Hawaii. Occasionally he managed to time his work during my Easter break or summer break which was always quite nice. Bill actually is the one that suggested I retire to be available to come along ;-)) which is such a Sweet time for me!  So sorry to make this a long story instead of shortnbut in a nut shell I am in Waikiki this week!!!

I am going to try to do some art work while here just for fun and I hope to get back into posting on my blog but other then that I intend to just sit back and relax!!

Here’s a little of the lovely sunset we enjoyed last night!


Along with some of my local art… the white clay flower on the right is the one I made…. and here’s some hand appliqué I hope to finish during this week.





Monday, February 22, 2010

Trying to get back in sync

My habit used to be to try to blog daily as most bloggers I know seem to shoot for. For me blogging helped me stay on task….it helped me keep focus on my goals. It was a fun habit! Lately I seem to blog more in my mind then hard copy…  meaning I imagine what I might post but have not been finding the time to sit at the computer and type out my thoughts. ;-) Realizing how I’ve dropped the ball lately I’ve decided to put my blog once again towards the top of my daily “to do” list.  Things have been kind of busy for me for a while and when I am not home in VA near my studio I just do not seem to stay focused. Don’t seem to have great travel art ;-).

Right now I’m in Hawaii keeping my hubby company ;-) he has work to complete in Honolulu once again and lucky me he likes me to be with him. ;-) [Another reason I retired last June was to be able to tag along with him on his longer term business trips]. We have never enjoyed or done well with long distance romance. lol lol

So as my travel art this trip I brought along some hand quilting I actually started last year in Hawaii and never completed. I took a class from a local artist Anne [ ] a hand appliqué Hawaiian style project. My pattern is Anne’s special Ulu.  We’ll see how much farther I can get on this pillow top this week? I sadly now know I am not one to really enjoy hand appliqué work so time will tell. ;-)


This morning I had fun trying out a local craft…making clay flowers…this little class was offered at the hotel. Again another fun process to try but not one I think I’ll move forward with, yet glad to have experienced it. Mine is the flower to the right…the others were samples the presenter brought. She definitely made it look easy…easier then we novices felt. lol was fun though….


Now I’m off to the pool for some Hawaiian sun…..

It has been so long…wonder why?

So once again I find myself marveling that I let my blog posting waiver? In my daily thoughts  I’ve imagined what I’d post each day yet just have not found the time to sit at a computer to get the words typed and posted.

I’m trying hard to remember the last stuff I shared…I might have to pull up my blog to remind me! lol  lol  Now that’s bad!  Oh well….

Once again though I retired June “09”  I have NOT slowed down and feel soooooo busy that most days I wonder how in the world I used to find the time to hold down a full time teaching position ;-0 lol….

I took Jan 2010 off from any travel….”flittering around here and there” so I could focus on my rehab in the neighborhood indoor lap pool along with a PT.     I managed to do  36 out of 40 days in the pool and though I questioned whether it was helping me I luckily have discovered that YES it did actually make my back muscles stronger and along with my last epidural nerve block I’m doing much better.  I did manage to complete two of my “practice quilts” recently meaning 2 quickly designed quilt tops that I could then machine quilt on my HQ16 since I’m still learning….two more as my son JB put’s it “glow in the dark quilts” ;-) I DO love color! One was for my mom…notice her sleeping comfy under hers…



Bill and I got to catch a train up to Ct. and spent a lovely Valentines weekend with JB, Claire and future grandbaby belly ;-) as guests of Wendy and Ian (Claire’s folks)

Now I’m in Hawaii ;-) Bill (hubby) has business away from VA for a couple weeks and lucky me….he prefers I come along…at least for the Hawaii part…lol so in trying to pack I finally packed something art wise I could comfortably work on “in-flight”…not sure if I blogged about a class last fall I took on the HQ16 that entailed using muslin and variegated thread. It was called an Garden Angel..freehand drawn using the HQ16. After the quilt drawing is completed the next step for this technique was to add color using colored pencils then paint over it with fabric medium. Well I never found the time to color my design since that takes time precious time I felt I’ve wanted to use for sewing instead. lol….but as in-flight entertainment my project worked great! Here’s a peek so far…so maybe I’ll finish it while I’m in Hawaii or on the long flights home! ;-)

.P1010340 P1010341

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm sitting here with my daddy ;-)

So I'm in MI! ;-) I left this morning from Dulles International Airport, DC or actually VA and of course "Murphy's Law"....
I was dropped off at the airport early this morning with plenty of time and....yup you probably guessed it by now....what did I see on the flight board? Detroit- Flight delayed!
In the end I lucked out! The flight ended up only delayed about an hour...and not canceled like the later flight to Detroit. ;-)))
Next fun I had was the rental car... I got a brand new mini van as my midsize "priceline" car, I mean heck having 3 kids of my own I have had my fair share of mini vans... my problem was......the new Dodge vans have the gear shift on the dashboard now...which was ...but nothing to let me know what was D,N, there I was sitting in the parking lot stumped...luckily I was not alone in my confusion. Once explained everything was great!
So next.....I drove straight to a fab bagel place near my folks place in hopes of getting some of their wonderful muffins as a surprise!Okay you maybe guessed? They were completely sold out and it was only 1:00pm. Another problem?.... I quickly jumped out of the car and did not notice the van key as I left the van. many of you have noticed the NEW DESIGNED keys? lol lol I got my food order, went back to the car and could not figure out how to get the key to start the van since it was way to thin for the key hole in the dash board??? Again I don't feel too bad since I asked another patron in the bagel shop for help ( A male ;-)))) and he couldn't figure it out either lol lol lol..........The van key is not is more of hmmmmm don't have a word to describe it but take my word for's a shape you stick in and use to start the car.....
Oh well everything in the end turned out great! I am in Detroit, I have a nice rental and I am having a nice visit with my folks!!
My hubby says he's going to miss me this week but I know he'll be fine and the quilt top loaded on my HQ will just have to wait till next week, this week I'm going to enjoy visiting my folks!
These last photos are the new tram-way or shuttle at Dulles ....quite nice!