Monday, February 22, 2010

Trying to get back in sync

My habit used to be to try to blog daily as most bloggers I know seem to shoot for. For me blogging helped me stay on task….it helped me keep focus on my goals. It was a fun habit! Lately I seem to blog more in my mind then hard copy…  meaning I imagine what I might post but have not been finding the time to sit at the computer and type out my thoughts. ;-) Realizing how I’ve dropped the ball lately I’ve decided to put my blog once again towards the top of my daily “to do” list.  Things have been kind of busy for me for a while and when I am not home in VA near my studio I just do not seem to stay focused. Don’t seem to have great travel art ;-).

Right now I’m in Hawaii keeping my hubby company ;-) he has work to complete in Honolulu once again and lucky me he likes me to be with him. ;-) [Another reason I retired last June was to be able to tag along with him on his longer term business trips]. We have never enjoyed or done well with long distance romance. lol lol

So as my travel art this trip I brought along some hand quilting I actually started last year in Hawaii and never completed. I took a class from a local artist Anne [ ] a hand appliqué Hawaiian style project. My pattern is Anne’s special Ulu.  We’ll see how much farther I can get on this pillow top this week? I sadly now know I am not one to really enjoy hand appliqué work so time will tell. ;-)


This morning I had fun trying out a local craft…making clay flowers…this little class was offered at the hotel. Again another fun process to try but not one I think I’ll move forward with, yet glad to have experienced it. Mine is the flower to the right…the others were samples the presenter brought. She definitely made it look easy…easier then we novices felt. lol was fun though….


Now I’m off to the pool for some Hawaiian sun…..

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