Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So when in Hawaii….enjoy!

So though I am trying to get back to old habits I must take into account that when given certain opportunities one must stop and enjoy those moments. I am fortunate to be in Waikiki at this moment thanks to my hubby and his  job. During the last hmmm think 3 years my husband has work that takes him to Honolulu every once in a while. It can be grueling days for him since the time change can mean he sometimes gets up by 5:00am to work with VA co-workers and then completes full days of Hawaii time workday.  When I used to be employed it left me stuck in VA imagining the sun of Hawaii. Occasionally he managed to time his work during my Easter break or summer break which was always quite nice. Bill actually is the one that suggested I retire to be available to come along ;-)) which is such a Sweet time for me!  So sorry to make this a long story instead of shortnbut in a nut shell I am in Waikiki this week!!!

I am going to try to do some art work while here just for fun and I hope to get back into posting on my blog but other then that I intend to just sit back and relax!!

Here’s a little of the lovely sunset we enjoyed last night!


Along with some of my local art… the white clay flower on the right is the one I made…. and here’s some hand appliqué I hope to finish during this week.





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