Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It’s been quite the month!

So it has been a very busy month! Lots of closures for me and now the doors are wide open for a wonderful new chapter once again!

P1060134I started off my month up north in MI at a wedding shower for my son and my future daughter in heart! ;-) the last of my children’s weddings is Sept 26,09.  It’s going to be grand!  I’ll have a brand new grand-daughter too expected Sept  6,2009. 

Next I had to complete my last June of public school teaching! We worked till June 19. The latest calendar year I’ve ever….. I decided to retire this year. I began in education Sept 1973…. I still love5 the students but at my age  found it too hard to have new administration that stumbled around and I found myself much to old to want to stick around while they hopefully get things figured out. Luckily I discovered I was vested end of this contractual year soooooooo I took the chicken shit way out!!! One thing though it ended up being a lot of hard work those final weeks….had to clean out so many years of teaching supplies and wanted to leave my art room as a clean slate for the new teacher to come in and make the room theirs…so wow I found myself very drained and sore  lol I felt like I filled the dumpster over and over myself!P1060313

I NOW feel my Angels were maybe just letting me know it is time for me……. I am really looking forward to trying to focus on my art!

Finally got to do some sewing today! and luckily figured out how to make (sew) some Christmas stockings for the soon to be newlyweds…. ;-) We head up to MI Friday for a two week vacation. I’m  P1060334to attend the second wedding shower…visit with my folks, do some work on Oneida as usual, basically a working vacation….yet we also get to head up north with family over the 4th to do some canoeing on the Ausable River. ;-) that should be fun….

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Much too busy sadly to concentrate on blog….

Well much has been happening….had quick trip up north for my son’s wedding shower….was so much fun because all my kids and my grandson gathered in MI to give support to their little brother!P1060112

I got to see my grandson Caleb who is talking up a storm and very  active ;-) I luckily got my quilt completed to give to the bride from me and she seemed to like it. P1060165

I also am ending my teaching career so have so much to do, hard to sort through 35 years of junk.only 5 in VA so this is second sort through but you would be surprise how quickly art teachers collect stuff they know can be turned into something grand! It is so hard to throw things away! This is also the latest school year I’ve ever taught in 35 years!

Also was fun to see Oneida (my house in MI we still own) I had the rooms painted (picked the colors from afar)  and I was in for shock when I went back to MI,  I had lived in the house with creme colored walls for over 15 years so was shock to see them in color, also have discovered WOW paint sure looks different on walls then on the sample cards. lol lol  Luckily the kids all liked the choices so down the road I’m sure I will too!

So will try to be better at posting…be patient…bare with  me please….

Monday, June 1, 2009

What a busy day!

So today was sick day from school..had to go get stuck with needles to find out IF allergy shots would be necessary to help my situation?Then even more fun had prep for new crown since my tooth broke last week.  Look at my lovely arm….took this via my lovely cell phone camera just to show my lovely dots? Funny found out basically what I knew long ago….my least favorite items allergy wise are: Trees, Elm I think was one mentioned  lol then dust mitesPhoto013….lol was suggested I have bedroom carpet cleaned once a month  lol or wood flooring and then of course good ole Kentucky blue grass…among other grass… funny being allergic to grass never got me out of cutting our grass when I was growing up?  lol lol Dad took the well she’ll adjust the more she’s around it attitude lol lol…now the kicker is: The ENT wants to do this type of sinus surgery where he will drill holes as drains lol so hmmmmmm I asked you mean to drain down my throat and he said nope to come out easier through my nose…….lol Ask anyone that knows me?  Sadly I have sniffles all the time most of the year???? How funny is this info? The one thing the ENT helped with was to narrow down most of my troubles to be teeth related so now back to the Endodontist once again?   ;-(

Oh well…….so that was my day…….now hopefully I’ll get some sewing done tonight!