Friday, May 30, 2014

Working away

If any of you have created a t-shirt quilt then you know how much prep work there is to the quilt.
First you have to cut the t-shirts then iron on some type of light interfacing, then trim the pieces, decide on a design or order to sew the t-shirts together... and on and on...and that is just the quilt top you still have to decide how you want to finish it, what type of quilting, the type of backing, etc.

Well you probably have figured out by now that I am deep into the construction of a t-shirt quilt to be given to a nephew for his high school graduation. Nice feeling to know it will be keeping him warm during his freshman college year.
So here is all you get to peek at so far....
Scraps from t-shirts/throw-away
Trimming of the interfaced t-shirts= throw-away
Squares of t-shirts interfaced and ready to begin designing. 
Well time to get back to work...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Finally the third baby quilt was completed

So between unexpected ankle deep water flooding our basement = 3 pumps, lots of mess and distractions then add a scheduled delightful trip to Sedona AZ = one quilter WAY behind her schedule.
But finally the 3rd baby quilt is on it's way to it's new owners soon to be new parents of a baby boy.

Don't ya love the hosta ;-) and our one lone flower?
It's going to be a boy 
If you knew this family like I do they love baseball so seemed
only fitting that the baby quilt should be  baseball fabric.
Now back to cleaning gutting the basement.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Here's the 2nd of 3 baby quilts I've been working on

So this past week was interesting...Storms across the USA lots of water in such short time = lots of flooded basements, homes, etc. INCLUDING ours.
Then there was lots of family fun times too! Participation in a 1 mile, 5K (my son not me) and the grand-kids fun run in NJ. After that there was another baby shower...busy baby season
Baby girl to be

Here we are after the one mile, then we cheered as their daddy completed the 5K too.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Storms everywhere..= delayed sewing

So I had three baby quilts to get done this past week but unfortunately even the best laid plans get interrupted..
Enter storms galore = unexpected ankle deep water in our basement = canceled studio time.

Lucky for me I had already mailed one of the baby quilts to it's soon to be owners.
(sex of baby-to-be was unknown)
So I decided a sock monkey theme might be cute for either boy or girl.

Everyone hopefully loves a sock monkey

Baby quilt for Baby Taylor

A special baby blanket for the daddy to be

Looking forward to baby Taylor's arrival.
(UPDATE: Baby Taylor is going to be a girl)