Friday, May 30, 2014

Working away

If any of you have created a t-shirt quilt then you know how much prep work there is to the quilt.
First you have to cut the t-shirts then iron on some type of light interfacing, then trim the pieces, decide on a design or order to sew the t-shirts together... and on and on...and that is just the quilt top you still have to decide how you want to finish it, what type of quilting, the type of backing, etc.

Well you probably have figured out by now that I am deep into the construction of a t-shirt quilt to be given to a nephew for his high school graduation. Nice feeling to know it will be keeping him warm during his freshman college year.
So here is all you get to peek at so far....
Scraps from t-shirts/throw-away
Trimming of the interfaced t-shirts= throw-away
Squares of t-shirts interfaced and ready to begin designing. 
Well time to get back to work...

1 comment:

Robbie said...

Ugh...I just finished my 2nd T-shirt quilt & my last!!! Grandsons high school graduation.... Love your color scheme & layout...very nice!