Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chipping away at things that should have been done long ago

So my design board is busy in my studio but can't post photos of what I'm working on since the creation is to be a surprise for someone I know.
But little by little I am beginning to feel more like myself like the saying goes, inch by inch, step by step….
I'm messing with Annie Sloan paint again this time painting some old oak bunk beds I bought long ago for my one son's bedroom, about 17 years ago. I've got them just about painted then the fun part..waxing the furniture to complete the process.
Oak bunk beds being painted with pure white Annie Sloan.

In the end we will have 3 twin beds for the grandkids room
Bottom painted now on to the top.

The beds will soon be ready to wax.

While I'm working on these hubby's job is to paint their room.
So until next time…may the sun keep shining on us all.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The house seems so empty since my mom went back to MI

So we took my mom to LGA airport on August 30 to head back to MI. We spent her last night in NJ at my son's home where we had the pleasure of visiting with two of my grandchildren.
Here is my mom feeding baby James.

Charlotte and my mom playing itsy bitsy spider.
Our house seems so quiet and empty without my mom visiting so I have been staying busy trying to develop a new norm since my mom's visit in August was also my first full month to be in my new home. Now it feels a little strange that she is not here.
Here is the next project I completed:
My grand-daughter Brynn's birthday is this coming week and I've been told she wants a puppet theater. So guess who was assigned to try to make her one. 
This is how it began.
Ok so now I put in a top rod and middle rod along with some curtains.

Curtains open.
So hoping my grand-daughter likes the puppet theater I made her. I am looking forward to watching some puppet shows.
So now it's time to get back to some quilting.