Thursday, March 25, 2010

What a busy time as usual!

So Granny is hanging with her grandbabies in a hotel room some where in PA, think it is Chester Town or nearby…their parents are out house hunting in hopes of getting a bearing on the area since they are moving here due to daddy Nate’s job transfer. ;-) We’re excited because it’s so much closer to VA then Denver CO.

I’ve been very busy in the mean while making wedding invites for a very special bride to hubby’s best buddy’s daughter! The invites kept me quite busy for a while..was something  new for me to try…;-) and happily turned out as planned..they get delivered to the bride this weekend so she can mail them out soon….so I will sit by to hear from her, waiting to see what she thinks of the final product ;-)


I also have been busy making a special quilt and time out chair for my soon to be born grand-daughter…the baby shower is this coming weekend so deadline was approaching…cannot share it with you yet since it is meant to be surprise but here is a little peek….promise to share more photos as soon as my son JB and mommy to be Claire gets to see first….. ;-))) I really like how the set turned out ;-)) 


Then I got to be present for my grand-daughter Brynn’s first time swimming ;-) today…what fun! She was a natural, here she is with her mommy in the pool….


So as you can see I’ve been busy…;-)))) will catch up on posting as soon as I can…. enjoy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

So little time! but YAY! Spring seems to be here….

So once again it’s been days since I’ve posted….this will be a quick posting just to let you all know I’m still here, I’ve just been busy having some fun and also trying to complete various projects on deadlines….

By the way…remember when we were in Hawaii ;-) I’m not sure I shared that we got to experience the tsunami of 2010 that never really came.. now don’t take my statement wrong..we were thrilled P1010655that there was no damage or danger yet frustrated that it WAS our last day of the trip and one of Bill’s only day to have some fun. We were to bike,sail and snorkel with his college buddies but due to the storm we got locked into the hotel towers for the day was something to see….all of the state got literally shut down, no cars on roads, everyone told to stay out of water & off beaches, it made an interesting last day.  P1010657 Since we’ve been back I’ve been busy with various projects; most I cannot share yet since they are either gifts or something I just cannot share at this point. But BOY take my word for it I’ve been busy, good busy.

Here is something I can share…I did finally complete the Garden Angel quilt I started last fall and took along with me to Hawaii to keep me busy on the long flight there and back. ;-) I love the possibilities of this technique.gradenangel2

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a beautiful day!!!!

The sun was shining….it was a short EASY shuttle to King Street Alexandria….I had a wonderful day just exploring and chillin!

For those of you who have been to Alexandria you might be aware of the Torpedo Factory? In case you are not familiar with Old Town Alexandria the Torpedo Factory is where they actually made torpedoes many many moons ago…think WWI or WWII. It is now an Art Center with Artist working studios and galleries. It is one of my favorite places to visit since moving to VA.  My hubby has a conference this week at the Gaylord National in National Harbor MD,  so lucky me, I got to tag along to just explore! The hotel has a great shuttle for $5.00 to Alexandria; King Street & Henry…. then I got to have my first boat ride of the season by taking the water taxi back to the hotel. Let me repeat!!! “What a wonderful day!P1010724












































Monday, March 8, 2010

Retirement is finally sinking in and is so much fun!

P1010696Some of you might relate to what it feels like to have a husband that gets to travel off and on for his job sometimes to very nice places..all the while you’re stuck at the home base due to work, possibly children, or for whatever various reasons or obligations. Well okay once in a while it does not bother one in fact you might even look at it as a nice break lol lol…less obligations possibly such as meal planning or schedule wise?

Yet occasionally it can be a huge pain in the neck!! Long trips away can bring home grumpy tired mates that of course you can’t relate to why so grumpy since you know after all they went to Hawaii or San Francisco, or,  or, etc…..  So I admit that last year got touchy for me once in a while when Bill got to go to Hawaii, San Diego and other various nice locations while I was stuck at home completing my 35th year of teaching ;-))) lol  Well that HAS changed and anyone that has read my blog know this ;-)))   I decided that last year was enough ;-) it was time for me to retire AND THANKFULLY my hubby Bill supported my decision completely!!! He is MY MUSE

I had a wonderful career teaching, I loved my students and all they P1010697gave me creatively.  I felt fulfilled,  yet I decided it was my turn to bloom hopefully in the same way I felt I helped my students over the many years.  It was time for me to believe in my own work.  I am having a BALL!  YET it really has taken me this long; meaning since last JUNE till NOW, to finally start to feel retired in all ways! Meaning: I finally caught on last week when we got back to from Hawaii and I let a few days go by feeling a little lazy that IT’s OKAY Retired should mean NO deadlines or urgent feelings of doom if a day or two goes by just relaxing and enjoying empty time.  If you haven't figured out by now sitting by idle is very hard for ADHD adults and yup I will own up to being very hyper occasionally with a shorter attention span; notice that I don’t own up completely to the shorter attention span part since I realize I have done too much in my life, own education and my other accomplishments to say I can’t stay on task when I want to (ha ha).  I'm very much goal oriented, that is how I tend to stay on task…set new goals…P1010701Oh well enough about this or that….ha-ha,  let’s move onto today!

Today I find myself sitting in a lovely room, though my hubby was disappointed a little in it. lol lol  see how spoiled or jaded he has become  ha-ha  but anyway I find myself exploring a Grand place! We’re at the Gaylord National Hotel at the National Harbor ,MD. Once again hubby is working while the Retired teacher/wife gets to just tag along for FUN and relaxation! This time he’s semi close to home yet too far for him to commute due to long long conference schedule and DC traffic AND I almost stayed home since we’ve been gone so much lately but then it kicked in!….. I”M RETIRED WHICH MEANS NO BINDING SCHEDULES or OBLIGATIONS EXCEPT WHAT I decide should be pertinent ha-ha….now see what I mean? Retirement is finally sinking in YAY!!! I do have an appointment to get to on Weds,  but figured HECK I can go till then I’d be crazy not to take advantage of this opportunity to explore such a wonderful area for a few days, I mean heck when else might I be coming down here… So I’m off to enjoy dinner with the hubby….and to explore!





Thursday, March 4, 2010

So much to do so little time ;-)

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything you WANT to do? ;-)  Please tell me you can relate….one could just tell me “suck it up, that’s called life lol lol” but shoot! I seem to want to do too much! ;-) I want it all!!!!  My days just fly by much too quickly….

So we made it back to VA /Home….and sadly NO  the snow is not all gone but enough of it has left our yard to show that while the snow was down we had animals that seem to had fun? BUT sadly really messed up the lawn…. (now do I feel sorry for the little munchkins being caught in such snow that VA is not used to?  Well yeah sure…but geeeshhhhhh look what they did……P1010681.P1010682  and wonder What they are? Where they are? and Now to figure out how to repair the lawn… lol  So though I’ve been slow at getting back up to speed ( Jetlag would be a nice excuse or cop out but not sure totally the truth, 

“I just seem to be having a lazy week”. ) 

I am getting back to some sewing…P1010683  I’m also working on some wedding invitations, [a project for family friends] and getting closer to having ‘the Garden Angel quilt’ colored and ready for fabric gel application…. I am very interested in seeing how it turns out.  I hope just as I envision it because I have many ideas for future designs/projects using this technique.

P1010685My hubby left this morning for Rhode Island on business till tomorrow night so today, tonight and tomorrow it’s Art Time for me!

Of course I should try to squeeze in the pool too? Oh well only time will tell……lol…till then……enjoy!