Thursday, March 4, 2010

So much to do so little time ;-)

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything you WANT to do? ;-)  Please tell me you can relate….one could just tell me “suck it up, that’s called life lol lol” but shoot! I seem to want to do too much! ;-) I want it all!!!!  My days just fly by much too quickly….

So we made it back to VA /Home….and sadly NO  the snow is not all gone but enough of it has left our yard to show that while the snow was down we had animals that seem to had fun? BUT sadly really messed up the lawn…. (now do I feel sorry for the little munchkins being caught in such snow that VA is not used to?  Well yeah sure…but geeeshhhhhh look what they did……P1010681.P1010682  and wonder What they are? Where they are? and Now to figure out how to repair the lawn… lol  So though I’ve been slow at getting back up to speed ( Jetlag would be a nice excuse or cop out but not sure totally the truth, 

“I just seem to be having a lazy week”. ) 

I am getting back to some sewing…P1010683  I’m also working on some wedding invitations, [a project for family friends] and getting closer to having ‘the Garden Angel quilt’ colored and ready for fabric gel application…. I am very interested in seeing how it turns out.  I hope just as I envision it because I have many ideas for future designs/projects using this technique.

P1010685My hubby left this morning for Rhode Island on business till tomorrow night so today, tonight and tomorrow it’s Art Time for me!

Of course I should try to squeeze in the pool too? Oh well only time will tell……lol…till then……enjoy!

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