Monday, March 8, 2010

Retirement is finally sinking in and is so much fun!

P1010696Some of you might relate to what it feels like to have a husband that gets to travel off and on for his job sometimes to very nice places..all the while you’re stuck at the home base due to work, possibly children, or for whatever various reasons or obligations. Well okay once in a while it does not bother one in fact you might even look at it as a nice break lol lol…less obligations possibly such as meal planning or schedule wise?

Yet occasionally it can be a huge pain in the neck!! Long trips away can bring home grumpy tired mates that of course you can’t relate to why so grumpy since you know after all they went to Hawaii or San Francisco, or,  or, etc…..  So I admit that last year got touchy for me once in a while when Bill got to go to Hawaii, San Diego and other various nice locations while I was stuck at home completing my 35th year of teaching ;-))) lol  Well that HAS changed and anyone that has read my blog know this ;-)))   I decided that last year was enough ;-) it was time for me to retire AND THANKFULLY my hubby Bill supported my decision completely!!! He is MY MUSE

I had a wonderful career teaching, I loved my students and all they P1010697gave me creatively.  I felt fulfilled,  yet I decided it was my turn to bloom hopefully in the same way I felt I helped my students over the many years.  It was time for me to believe in my own work.  I am having a BALL!  YET it really has taken me this long; meaning since last JUNE till NOW, to finally start to feel retired in all ways! Meaning: I finally caught on last week when we got back to from Hawaii and I let a few days go by feeling a little lazy that IT’s OKAY Retired should mean NO deadlines or urgent feelings of doom if a day or two goes by just relaxing and enjoying empty time.  If you haven't figured out by now sitting by idle is very hard for ADHD adults and yup I will own up to being very hyper occasionally with a shorter attention span; notice that I don’t own up completely to the shorter attention span part since I realize I have done too much in my life, own education and my other accomplishments to say I can’t stay on task when I want to (ha ha).  I'm very much goal oriented, that is how I tend to stay on task…set new goals…P1010701Oh well enough about this or that….ha-ha,  let’s move onto today!

Today I find myself sitting in a lovely room, though my hubby was disappointed a little in it. lol lol  see how spoiled or jaded he has become  ha-ha  but anyway I find myself exploring a Grand place! We’re at the Gaylord National Hotel at the National Harbor ,MD. Once again hubby is working while the Retired teacher/wife gets to just tag along for FUN and relaxation! This time he’s semi close to home yet too far for him to commute due to long long conference schedule and DC traffic AND I almost stayed home since we’ve been gone so much lately but then it kicked in!….. I”M RETIRED WHICH MEANS NO BINDING SCHEDULES or OBLIGATIONS EXCEPT WHAT I decide should be pertinent ha-ha….now see what I mean? Retirement is finally sinking in YAY!!! I do have an appointment to get to on Weds,  but figured HECK I can go till then I’d be crazy not to take advantage of this opportunity to explore such a wonderful area for a few days, I mean heck when else might I be coming down here… So I’m off to enjoy dinner with the hubby….and to explore!





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