Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quilt so far.....minus blue circles yet.......

So here is my quilt from workshop so far.......sadly it's grade week so work has to come first lol
AND I got my computer back from being still trying to download programs I used to have? Sadly first I have to try to remember some of them first lol...also trying to get my favorite blogs back. So you get the drift?....I'm running in circles myself!
So what do you think????

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy but nice day......

So the sun was shining all day ;-)
My hard drive got picked up to be cleaned, sadly got some malware that was too hard to get rid of so will begin anew........will be back to semi normal by Tues.
Then got the base of my art quilt completed,
tomorrow I hope to add the circles ;-)
I am excited about my little quilt. Isn't the base kewl..almost could work by itself.
Looking forward to using couching in some of my future art quilts.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wow happy one year and a day to me!

Just n0ticed I missed the one year anniversary of my blog!!!!!
Happy one year to me began my blog one year and a day ago,Oct 24, 07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for keeping me on track!

Nice day even though the weather sucks! Carol Taylor Workshop

So today I attended a great workshop. Got to take a class with Carol Taylor.....what a neat technique she shared! Another UFO to add to a growing stack? lol .... I intend to complete this one tomorrow if possible. Next hope to start some quilted Christmas Stockings I have sort of promised my daughter... anyway one photo shows my quilt base..then next one shows my yarn choices for the future circles...then the next photo is my start of practicing the couching. The top row of photos are Carol demonstrating, one of her samples so you can see what I mean by circles and then our class picture. A great class..........highly recommend a class with Carol Taylor.
Also want to share some of my baby boy's engagement photos.....Recognize the city?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wow hope this is not a sign.....

Just took me 3 tries to get signed onto my own blog? lol hopefully it is not a sign of what my day will be....
Anyway realized I'm behind on posting! Sadly I have computer troubles so wasted allot of time last week trying to find my DVD and CD drivers??????lol I've given up and intend to reach out to a professional for help so I can get back to my stuff.......
So Bill is home after a 2 week business trip.......the longest he's had since we've been in VA.
I did get to do a little for myself are pics of the glorious day we had and my leaves baking in the sun ;-))))). They turned out nice I still have to iron the pieces of cloth but this morning as I noticed them hanging in Laundry room I am excited by the outcome.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm tired and have misplaced my daily calendar!

So somehow I have misplaced my daily know the one that one would write their everyday very important appointments, meetings, etc! Oh well will try to relax for the evening, maybe do a little sewing and hope that it shows up at school tomorrow? I know it must be there..but you know the feeling of one has when you cannot find something?? well double that heck maybe even triple that and you will know how I feel!
But to share something kewl........remember I said I was experimenting the other day with an Ezscreen..well look how kewl they are! I made this screen the other day when I was working on my cyanotypes and today gave it a trail run! I am going to love this stuff.......Google it and check it out! What a great way to make a silk screen!
Just ran some acrylic liquid paint on black cloth.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So Sunday is here which means tomorrow is back to work. Weekends seem to fly by too quickly when you're having fun!
So here are my cyanotypes so far, but sadly I have them on my get to do later list and though I am looking forward to designing something with them have promised myself that I must first complete some UFO projects.... Trying to semi stay focused which for me is very hard to do! lol lol

Notice my feet in's just a reminder to myself to take time to appreciate where I am at this stage of my journey and to realize my daily blessings!
(Got this idea from a favorite blog I follow-
Lynn states in the following in her blog: "Where I Stand Sunday is an ongoing photo essay examining the different places I spend my life standing. Too often we take for granted the everyday places we spend our lives walking on. The ground we tread on has its own stories to tell". check her photo essay out........very interesting!) Now I've got to get off this computer and start creating!!!

Great Saturday!! I love fall in VA!

So the weather was perfect today and I had a nice quiet day putzing around, not in any hurry just enjoying the day.....didn't get to the sewing machine but did get to enjoy the sun and used it to create some new experiments... more cyanotypes and then tried out some easy screen to make a printing screen; will get out some paint this week to see if my test screen works! Also hit the Costco which wow gas was $2.87 and of course the line was out to road so will have to try tomorrow for my tank full....also drove to Plaza for some art supplies, did a lot of store hopping and looking at art supplies....all in all a very nice but very quiet day with my hubby in Hawaii..(yep you read that right! He's in Hawaii on business! If I had not gone with him twice in the past and KNOW how long his work days are there I might be jealous).
Anyway enjoy my pics....the house photos are from the master bedroom, look close you can see the birds at my bird feeder, the golfers teeing off the 14th hole right off our backyard and the lighthouse my sister Gina gave me this summer to remind me of the lakes in MI!
Also in the one photo look close, you can see me ;-))))
Did you know you can click on the photos to see them enlarged?

Friday, October 10, 2008


It's been a busy week! A few after school meetings and then professional training op-outs.
I am glad it's the weekend AND I think the weather is going to be great? I have to get a grant request written (deadline looming) then I intend to relax, quilt and then hopefully more quilting! ;-)
I am sharing a couple pics of my 7th graders dyed cloth then a partial sample (meaning not completely finished) of what I hope they create out of the fabrics......Will let you know how it works out ;-)))) They seem excited.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Isn't this kewl?

Wow I finally sewed with a curve! I took a class this past weekend with Deb Karasik and got all kinds of new hints! Took the class at the Dulles Sew Expo.....
I created this piece via paper piecing and am especially proud of my very first attempt of working with curves. I wanted to try to work with curves in the past but have been too scared to give it a try till now.......
Deb you are right they fell into place thank you! I'll post the piece again when it is completed. I still have 4 more strips of paper pieced spikes then can bind and quilt. Isn't Deb's design or class kit great! I love the design and colors! Love those rolling spirals!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Take it further....

So I'm off to an early start ;-) This month's [Take it further] topic is Studio's.
Funny how this group seems to be hitting my targets! Presently my husband and I have a long term lease on a lovely house in a 55 & over development ;-) yep I'm over 55.... We're still working on where we want to settle down in our retirement so this is a great time to experiment and make lists of our wants!! I'm constantly thinking of must haves for my eventual real studio! ANYWAY it's a great house with 2 floors, well actually 3 floors if you count the huge unfinished basement. In the basement there is a lovely window that gets great lighting with view to the woods/golf course/back yard. I have set up my easel and other messy (wet) materials as a work station for dying, rusting and such. (Also painting if the desire to finish a painting I started long ago were to hit) Then we have a nice main floor with super office for my husband (his studio) and our master bedroom, etc. On the second story though there is a great loft area (besides two bedrooms&bath) where I have set up my quilting, machine and computer (main studio). Funny though as you can see by my photos I am sort of spreading out! After teaching Art in public school for over 30 years I many supplies ;-) I love not having to put away my projects as I am working on them unless company is coming!!! it helps me stay focused and not lose track of some of my UFO projects. Keeps me rolling! I have learned one thing I am going to have a GREAT studio when I retire down the road I think it's an important "ME" thing to keep me fulfilled and I deserve it!