Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Take it further....

So I'm off to an early start ;-) This month's [Take it further] topic is Studio's.
Funny how this group seems to be hitting my targets! Presently my husband and I have a long term lease on a lovely house in a 55 & over development ;-) yep I'm over 55.... We're still working on where we want to settle down in our retirement so this is a great time to experiment and make lists of our wants!! I'm constantly thinking of must haves for my eventual real studio! ANYWAY it's a great house with 2 floors, well actually 3 floors if you count the huge unfinished basement. In the basement there is a lovely window that gets great lighting with view to the woods/golf course/back yard. I have set up my easel and other messy (wet) materials as a work station for dying, rusting and such. (Also painting if the desire to finish a painting I started long ago were to hit) Then we have a nice main floor with super office for my husband (his studio) and our master bedroom, etc. On the second story though there is a great loft area (besides two bedrooms&bath) where I have set up my quilting, machine and computer (main studio). Funny though as you can see by my photos I am sort of spreading out! After teaching Art in public school for over 30 years I many supplies ;-) I love not having to put away my projects as I am working on them unless company is coming!!! it helps me stay focused and not lose track of some of my UFO projects. Keeps me rolling! I have learned one thing I am going to have a GREAT studio when I retire down the road I think it's an important "ME" thing to keep me fulfilled and I deserve it!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful space you have there. Nice to see it "growing on you". I think you'll never leave the place unless you're forced to do so, ;-)!