Thursday, September 30, 2010


A FB buddy posted this comment today: "Discipline is making the choice between what you want now and what you want most" Author Unknown...
This got me thinking? I've been lamenting that my focus as of late felt off since I could not stick to just one project. So Question? Do you feel that discipline? or focus? plays a larger part in the scheme of staying on task or feeling productive?  Last Spring I had developed a decent pattern or schedule of working in my studio on my art quilting or other art. I also felt more focused in one medium. Lately I've been pulled in so many directions I started feeling that I was drifting from my focus of being productive in my quilt art. 
I have many different art interests pulling me in different directions right now but when I read my buddy's post today along with something another good friend of mine shared with me about not putting so many deadlines on myself, I suddenly felt like a light bulb went off. ;-)) RELIEF!
So I am regrouping...I've decided I will not feel guilty for having so many diverse projects that I want to complete right now. Don't mistake my post to mean I am putting my quilting away? On the contrary I intend to continue towards gaining discipline in all my matter what the medium is for the time being..."Art makes me fulfilled so it is definitely something I will continue to participate in"...
EZprint screens
Presently I am attempting to rearrange my upstairs studio and get my unfinished projects under control. Of course while cleaning I get distracted at such as yesterday when I discovered some old EZprint and decided I would use it before it goes bad. ;-) Can't wait to try these screens out on some of my hand dyed fabric. I bet they will add some interest to a few pieces I was not completely thrilled with.
The printing process will have to wait till a few of my other UFO's have been completed.
Next up on my list is a project I have in mind with colored glass ;-) I worked this morning in my basement workroom to try to get it back under control. Notice how I've got my glass organized and waiting patiently? I'll give my good buddy Patti 'a hint' as promised.....think colored glass and an old wood window with the glass panes intact. ;-)  I am looking forward to this project as soon as the upstairs studio is clean and reorganized. 
Remember I'm working towards discipline ;-)))lol
batik waiting to have wax ironed off

Okay, so when one starts cleaning and reorganizing you might discovered treasures you've forgotten about? Such as these pieces of batik that I need to iron the wax off of so I can see the beautiful crackled designs that true batik creates and then decide where I might put the pieces to use.

To regroup or summarize what I've learned? "It is okay to have many ideas pulling me this way or that as long as I strive towards my discipline."
In fact I will try to no longer lament about my lack of focus while I flutter here or there...instead I will appreciate that I have many questions of "what if?" or "wow I wonder?"  and just RUN WITH IT!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Focus???? what's that?

Lately I am finally feeling like we've been home ;-) which has been helpful YET I still feel so behind?
I have so many projects I WANT to do and so little time? My focus has been off? For example: I want to do a stain glass mosaic, actually two ;-) and did find a stain glass store in Springfield nearby to buy some nice colored glass to add  to my old collection. My problem is I have other projects I feel I need to get to first? See this pile of fabric? I had gathered this selection the other day to create my grand-daughter's owed wall quilt? Focused?
Ha! it may look that way but NOT!
So the next photo is the newest focus for the piece.
[My daughter had expressed an interest in a painted and quilted piece versus just a fabric quilt?
Similar to one of my older wall quilt's technique.]

Okay so I decided to run with the suggestion and began working up a partial painting and some painted canvas to create something for Brynn's room. Oh yeah, a castle was also requested.

But still as far as MY focus? Hmmmmmmmm  let's see? I have sadly about 5 projects pulling me every which way which is definitely causing a kink!

Notice the boxes in the far left corner?
They are calling to me to finish packing them up for the local high school art teachers.

Believe it or not,
 I DID have this area cleaned up last week and now hmmmm let's see?
 I have at least 4 other projects now set up down here, calling out to me, so how's that for FOCUS??
Okay so maybe by now you're getting my drift? I need help ! Soooo many ideas going on at once!
MAYBE Time to possibly get back to making a daily list and sticking to it?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So I intend to back track a little ;-)

So yesterday while laying low after a facet injection I started sitting and thinking a little too much! lol Try to remember I had set a goal to NOT over analyze my designs or creations; YET  I found myself sitting there saying to myself  hmmm "what if? OR I could add this or take this away?" thus yesterday's post.  Funny but after looking at my Tues. posting (and the photos I included in the post)  I've decided to just stick with my original design for the quilt assignment.
So now that I made this decision, "I HOPE to stick with the resolution to NOT over analyze what I design in my future!  After all isn't this supposed to be spontaneous and fun?  ;-) lol
I spent the afternoon at our neighborhood pool rehabbing, turned out I was a little sore yet have high hopes RE: my latest facet injection. and tonight I intend to get re-acquainted with my sewing machine. I need to try to get the last two designs pieced together. Tata for now......

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hmmm didn't I set one of my goals to NOT

Over-analyze? Yet is it over analyzing if we feel we just might not have our best design possible?
So today I was low key due to having a facet injection in the morning, had resolved myself to just have a take it easy day ;-) ...but the little green and blue design I have on my design board was calling to me.....
So I have come up with two possible ways to construct the least so  Reminder:  Assignment was to create a small busy piece using the same fabrics of the 4ft x 4ft design. We were to use only two fabrics for the designs.  This assignment was given during my week two of classes under Nancy Crow / QBTL 2010.  Care to give input or opinions?  So now what do I do? ;-)))

Monday, September 20, 2010


So I finally got some dyeing completed...I can't tell you it was done with a solid plan, meaning NO I did not have a preselected pallet of colors I wanted to create.  I just wanted to finally get a chance to do some dyeing so it was very hit and miss...
I am pleased with a couple of the fabrics one being the dark gray piece that had some shibori stitches I sewed in fabric before the dyeing process.
So for process sake here are some photos that hopefully show you my steps and what it produced.
It can be time consuming to add the stitches yet after seeing the results I've decided to possibly do some more stitch sewing on the PFD fabric I have left before my next dye session.
begin the process by sewing rows of stitches
pull the threads tight as you can  then dye the fabric
After the fabric is dyed you remove your stitches carefully -  

This will be small/ est. 12x12 inches
Today I got reacquainted with my sewing machine and design board... I had a little design piece I had not completed during my two weeks
W/ Nancy Crow this summer that I am still determined to complete.
Here is the first step of my process...laying out my pieces on the design board and step two will be to sew the many many pieces together.
If you can recall this was part 2 of our second design assignment week two. Stay tuned for it will be completed......Sadly though tomorrow I have another injection in my back from my orthopedic doc for pain management so I might be offline and out of my studio for a couple days.... Enjoy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I've been purging!

So if one recalls I retired a little over a year ago (June 09). After being an art teacher for some 30+ odd years...I tried during those first few months to purge of my teaching supplies. I tried to pass some of my beloved hints, lesson plans and supplies to buddies or my young teacher friends. But if you dwell in Art one knows it is VERY hard to let go of items you just KNOW can be turned into something fabulous? Also the price of art supplies...??? Well you hopefully get my drift!  SO I just completed another purge now that I've had a full school calendar year come and go and another has begun. Sadly I still do not seem to be able to handle just ONE focus!  I love my quilting YET? have decided I cannot part with my antler basketry nor my painting supplies. In fact one goal this fall is to paint on site the beautiful colors of VA during the fall. NOW on with my post....Once I finally completed my week of working in our basement purging  I celebrated success by a day of fabric dyeing and a few quick cyanotypes which used up my last prepared pieces of blue prints on fabric.
I decided to use my old dyes from teaching days
What a beautiful day it here's a few photos of my day ;-)
Borrowing the MAN CAVE!
Who can complain about this set up?

It's a great day to be outside


how the 4 blue prints came out.. just have to dry

Washed and ironed dyed fabric
So now onto day two of fabric I will use my newer dyes.....

Monday, September 13, 2010

So as promised...sadly though a day or two later then planned.

Well as promised I want to share some photos from a wonderful exhibit we viewed in Grand Rapids MI at The Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. It was a pleasure to see the Dale Chihuly Exhibit which consists of 15 different sites throughout the park and was designed to celebrate the park's 15th anniversary.  The glass sculptures were amazing.  Made me wonder how they must had looked when all the gardens were in full bloom compared to the end of season blooms we viewed. So here are a few photos of the 15 different sites. It was very interesting to see how the glass sculptures just blended in with the gardens.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time to regroup!

Wow we made a quick trip to MI and even though we've been back since midnight Tues I just have not been able to regroup? Let's call this my lazy week.  If only there was a way to link up our brains and thoughts to become instant blog posting, just imagine how many posts i would have had in the past two weeks?!!????
Oh's time for me to focus, set new goals and create a to-do list!
First though to report a little on our wonderful trip up north! We headed to Grand Rapids Airport in MI first where we were able to visit with my hubby's family nearby in Rockford MI.  Wow one niece begins her senior year at Univ of Mi (Go Blue!) and the other niece began her senior year at Rockford High School last Tues. It won't be long before there is another empty nest!  We had a great day trip with them to Saugatuck MI,  a cute little city along Lake MI. I got to purchase a little art from a great gallery there,  if you're ever up in that area give them a little visit.
After a couple days in Rockford MI we headed up north to Harbor Springs for a wedding celebration, the weather turned iffy but as everyone knows MI is beautiful in any weather. ;-)

So here's a few teaser photos...We stayed at the Bay Harbor Resort complex which is where the wedding was to take place that Sat.

Bay Harbor Resort
Our little cottage shared with JB & Claire

Son JB, his wife Claire and Charlotte
We were in a cute little cottage with my son, wife and our grand-daughter Charlotte ;-). The rainbows were on the day of the wedding, which we felt meant good luck to the bride and groom!  I mentioned the weather was iffy, sadly raining off and on on day of wedding so ceremony took place inside versus the original plan to be outside on one of the many cliffs w/ water view. Nothing mattered, the wedding was perfect and we all danced the night away!  I promise to post more tonight about our trip but for now I MUST regroup and get in our basement to do some work with the hubby  (he is only home for a couple more days before he heads to San Antonio for business so we're on a time crunch. So until tonight.....

Lucky rainbow