Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time to regroup!

Wow we made a quick trip to MI and even though we've been back since midnight Tues I just have not been able to regroup? Let's call this my lazy week.  If only there was a way to link up our brains and thoughts to become instant blog posting, just imagine how many posts i would have had in the past two weeks?!!????
Oh's time for me to focus, set new goals and create a to-do list!
First though to report a little on our wonderful trip up north! We headed to Grand Rapids Airport in MI first where we were able to visit with my hubby's family nearby in Rockford MI.  Wow one niece begins her senior year at Univ of Mi (Go Blue!) and the other niece began her senior year at Rockford High School last Tues. It won't be long before there is another empty nest!  We had a great day trip with them to Saugatuck MI,  a cute little city along Lake MI. I got to purchase a little art from a great gallery there,  if you're ever up in that area give them a little visit.
After a couple days in Rockford MI we headed up north to Harbor Springs for a wedding celebration, the weather turned iffy but as everyone knows MI is beautiful in any weather. ;-)

So here's a few teaser photos...We stayed at the Bay Harbor Resort complex which is where the wedding was to take place that Sat.

Bay Harbor Resort
Our little cottage shared with JB & Claire

Son JB, his wife Claire and Charlotte
We were in a cute little cottage with my son, wife and our grand-daughter Charlotte ;-). The rainbows were on the day of the wedding, which we felt meant good luck to the bride and groom!  I mentioned the weather was iffy, sadly raining off and on on day of wedding so ceremony took place inside versus the original plan to be outside on one of the many cliffs w/ water view. Nothing mattered, the wedding was perfect and we all danced the night away!  I promise to post more tonight about our trip but for now I MUST regroup and get in our basement to do some work with the hubby  (he is only home for a couple more days before he heads to San Antonio for business so we're on a time crunch. So until tonight.....

Lucky rainbow

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