Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thankfully my test run with the dyes were not as bad as I felt

So Thankfully even though I told my husband I not feeling the flow while working on my dyed pieces they did not turn out as bad as I imagined they would.
One has to love the dyeing process / the unknown it always intrigues me…..Keeps me coming back for more…
So here is reminder of the projects hanging on my new drying rack yesterday
Next photos up are the results...
Test one
Test two (sadly this photographed poorly it is really more of a turquoise/no yellow or green in it at all)
Test three
Test Four 
All four test scarves
Now if only I could say I had the flow today with my HQ16 ;-( sadly had some bobbin trouble today for some reason I'm sure I'll figure it out tomorrow but gives me time to go back to shibori stitching
So until next time….May the Sun shine on you all….

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Messed around a little in the wet studio.

Trying to get my bearings again with the color hue dyes. Sadly my basement is not set up with a sink yet so it's hard to do the full dyeing process running back upstairs to get water and other supplies but the color hue dyes can make for some satisfying dyeing and much less mess.
Although since trying the other types of dyeing on silk has spoiled me RE: wanting deeper shades of color versus the softer color of Color Hue dyes.
So discovered some stitched scarves that needed some dye applied
Somehow missing a photo of the new working area full of my dye batches
but here is a look at how the new drying rack is working out
Can't wait to get rid of the couch and other spare furniture from my working area
but this photo also is just another view of the hanging fabric,
looking forward to working further with these pieces tomorrow.
Until then "May the sun begin shining on us all BUT just not TOO hot"...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wet studio is coming along little by little.

So we've worked a little more on building me an area in the basement to serve as a "Wet Studio".
We've got the drying rack built, though left it quite tall for the time being, might have to trim it a little once I give it a test run. Got the plans for the drying rack during my Arrowmont Marbling Class and might have to pass the plans onto a couple high school art teachers I know, it's a great inexpensive drying rack with many possibilities.
The rack is basically PCV pipe and 3 way end connectors
then you use the black insulation tubes to hold plastic tight along the bottom
of the rack to catch the drippings of whatever projects you hang to dry.
I intend to dye fabrics and silk scarves.
Here you might notice the plastic under neath the rack to catch the  drippings.
The wood slats are what I will use to clothespin my fabric to,
you could also use dowel rods as an option.

Next up will be to make a marbling frame long enough to use with my silk scarves.
We have tables set up along with a shop light above my work area.
We still have some excess furniture to get out of the basement, will give me a lot more room to work.
Next step is to get some electrical plugs throughout the basement along with hopefully a nice recycled restaurant stainless steel sink for my dye work.
A gal can dream right?
New work lamp and table set up
the 6 foot table will be the marbling station
Work area for steaming and microwave,mixing dyes.
Cleared my stuff out of hubby's area now. ;-)
Ok so now to get back to some stitching on shibori scarves, who knows maybe I can try out the drying rack tomorrow. ;-) Happy Memorial weekend to all. Please keep our deployed soldiers and families in your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Largest quilt I've ever done on my HQ16

So much to do and so little ambition? Or is it so little "get up and go"? Mine does seem to have taken a break for some reason? Hoping now that I have my HQ16 loaded up and ready to go I gain my "get up and go" once again. ;-)
Largest quilt I have ever loaded on my machine
My large roll of batting
My many pieces of marbled fabrics calling my name with intrigue.
But intermixed with my quilting I must begin to stitch and dye
the over 30 silk scarves I've promised to create ASAP.
So now you know why I beg my "get up and go" to get back ASAP!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Road trip part 2- MI Bridal shower

After having a great time at my grand-daughter Charlotte's 3rd birthday I hopped on a plane from Newark,NJ to DTW (Detroit MI) To attend a nephew's wedding shower.
The nephew and his fiance are big believers or supporters of Detroit so the theme of the shower was all about MI, things made in MI and the Detroit Tigers.
They gave me full reign when it came to designing a quilt for their shower gift which made this quilt so much fun to create. Definitely a "one of a kind quilt"for a "one of a kind couple". The quilt also just happened to go along with our shower theme too. Made for another fabulous road trip.
Cake at wedding shower
Table decorations at shower were Detroit theme!
Invitations looked like Tiger baseball game tickets
Back of quilt was Detroit Tiger fleece fabric
Two color columns that blended into fabulous design. 
Happy Bride and Groom to be opening their quilt.
Can't wait for the June wedding!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tell me does your time seem to fly by as quickly as mine?

So I am back home after basically a few road trips, the first was to attend my grand-daughter Charlotte's  3rd birthday party along with the celebration of her brother Jame's 1st birthday.
For Charlotte's party grandma Teddi and her went down a few slides and such, her party was held at a place in NJ called "Screamin Parties. ;-)
Here's Charlotte in one o the games.
Here is Charlotte's cake that her Nanny made for the party.Next up was celebrating Jame's first birthday with a second fantastic cake that Nanny made.
Jame's cake for the afternoon celebration.
Jame's digging in on his cake.
When James was born I had his baby quilt completed but not his chair that I usually paint as part of their baby gift. James chair is an antique or very old rocking chair that was given to my husband by an past co-worker since they heard I enjoyed painting chairs for the grand kids.
Chair before. 
Hubby sanded and primed it.
Jame's dad is a Lion's fan!
Back of the chair 
James in his rocking chair, he loved it!
It was then onto the airport for a flight to MI.
Stay tune for road trip #2.