Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thankfully my test run with the dyes were not as bad as I felt

So Thankfully even though I told my husband I not feeling the flow while working on my dyed pieces they did not turn out as bad as I imagined they would.
One has to love the dyeing process / the unknown it always intrigues me…..Keeps me coming back for more…
So here is reminder of the projects hanging on my new drying rack yesterday
Next photos up are the results...
Test one
Test two (sadly this photographed poorly it is really more of a turquoise/no yellow or green in it at all)
Test three
Test Four 
All four test scarves
Now if only I could say I had the flow today with my HQ16 ;-( sadly had some bobbin trouble today for some reason I'm sure I'll figure it out tomorrow but gives me time to go back to shibori stitching
So until next time….May the Sun shine on you all….

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