Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Messed around a little in the wet studio.

Trying to get my bearings again with the color hue dyes. Sadly my basement is not set up with a sink yet so it's hard to do the full dyeing process running back upstairs to get water and other supplies but the color hue dyes can make for some satisfying dyeing and much less mess.
Although since trying the other types of dyeing on silk has spoiled me RE: wanting deeper shades of color versus the softer color of Color Hue dyes.
So discovered some stitched scarves that needed some dye applied
Somehow missing a photo of the new working area full of my dye batches
but here is a look at how the new drying rack is working out
Can't wait to get rid of the couch and other spare furniture from my working area
but this photo also is just another view of the hanging fabric,
looking forward to working further with these pieces tomorrow.
Until then "May the sun begin shining on us all BUT just not TOO hot"...

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