Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wet studio is coming along little by little.

So we've worked a little more on building me an area in the basement to serve as a "Wet Studio".
We've got the drying rack built, though left it quite tall for the time being, might have to trim it a little once I give it a test run. Got the plans for the drying rack during my Arrowmont Marbling Class and might have to pass the plans onto a couple high school art teachers I know, it's a great inexpensive drying rack with many possibilities.
The rack is basically PCV pipe and 3 way end connectors
then you use the black insulation tubes to hold plastic tight along the bottom
of the rack to catch the drippings of whatever projects you hang to dry.
I intend to dye fabrics and silk scarves.
Here you might notice the plastic under neath the rack to catch the  drippings.
The wood slats are what I will use to clothespin my fabric to,
you could also use dowel rods as an option.

Next up will be to make a marbling frame long enough to use with my silk scarves.
We have tables set up along with a shop light above my work area.
We still have some excess furniture to get out of the basement, will give me a lot more room to work.
Next step is to get some electrical plugs throughout the basement along with hopefully a nice recycled restaurant stainless steel sink for my dye work.
A gal can dream right?
New work lamp and table set up
the 6 foot table will be the marbling station
Work area for steaming and microwave,mixing dyes.
Cleared my stuff out of hubby's area now. ;-)
Ok so now to get back to some stitching on shibori scarves, who knows maybe I can try out the drying rack tomorrow. ;-) Happy Memorial weekend to all. Please keep our deployed soldiers and families in your thoughts and prayers.

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