Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So much to do so little time...

I've got so much going on it creates the feeling there is "too little time" to get it all done. Have you ever felt that way? It is difficult to realize it is almost April 2012.  HECK I'm still trying to figure out what happened to January, February and now March…
Seems like we're never home. I am thrilled that we have purchased a home finally but sadly that has not helped things to slow down for us. We're back and forth between VA and PA trying to organize for the major move.
In between the new home obligations the hubby still has his day job and then of course there is the family…
So to try to catch you up on my life….lol There has been a little art and a LOT of other work taking place.
So the faux stain glass window was completed and given to it's grateful recipient.
There's been some weekend baby sitting that correlated with a visit to the new house. A couple of our grandkids had fun exploring the back property with grandpa while grandma was trying to test out possible wall paint colors for the new home
Grandpa Bill and the kids go exploring
Brynn and Caleb


Caleb climbing
There's been a little quilting but I can't show it off yet. I've got it photographed but the unveiling will not take place until my future grandson arrives soon…
I do feel some sadness in leaving VA, my last 8 years living in the Warrenton/Gainesville area has been been a wonderful experience. I enjoyed teaching Middle School in Warrenton for 5 years, was a wonderful way to end my teaching career, the students were great!
I learned to quilt... ;-) (My present favorite art medium.)
I had a twinge of sadness today when I photographed probably my last quilt hanging on the bridge just off our back yard area in Heritage Hunt and guess what? The Blue Bells are blooming ;-)))
Look close you'll see the blue bells blooming

More blue bells along the creek nearby

My favorite spot to photograph my quilts and silk scarves,
I'm going to miss this bridge.

Our present home is the house on the right.
Ok so now it's back to packing for me….Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grouted the colored glass farm window frame

Tonight I managed to put the large metal hangers on the window frame and then grouted the project.
I am so happy with the end results. It is a special feeling when an idea turns out exactly how imagined.
Can't say that always happens ;-)) yet never stops me from trying… lol
Anyway now I just have to wait for the grout to dry, guessing since the grout was to be a medium to dark gray the grout will darken as it dries? This was the first time I used this colored grout, purchased from Lowes. It was great to work with so I am assuming it will look great when it has dried.
Anyway here are photos I took of the window after I applied the grout.

Grout is supposedly medium to dark gray?
Waiting for the grout to dry then will do final washing of glass.
Notice the two large metal screws for hanging.
Now to wait for the grout to cure… And yes I still plan to give it away as a gift.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time to begin the process of packing…eeekkkk!

So this week our landlord is sending a realtor/agent to take photos of the (our) home so they can get it advertised and hopefully for them rented or leased out as quickly as we leave. ;-)
Sadly for us that meant we'd better take a break from trying to pack and concentrating on our new home and try to make sure the place is presentable.
So here are some photos to show you some of the stuff in my studio I need to begin packing. ha-ha..YES I KNOW there is a lot of stuff! Sadly art teachers have a habit of collecting items they KNOW can be made into art ;-) then add to the art teacher tag- quilter (quilt artist) and you KNOW I have stuff.
Have you ever met a quilter that did not have a LOT of fabric? ;-)
Well anyway here are some before and after photos in preparation for the Realtors visit today.
Before (notice walls)
Bare walls
After (bare walls)
OK OK… TRY to think of it as a start! ;-) 
 Now back to some real packing…. see you soon...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

This post is for my Mom(folks) I dedicate to them.

Seems my Mom has not been receiving my emails..(how do you spell frustration?) but I KNOW she can view my blog…So I want to share with my folks (the hubby and my) happy news, I'm writing a special blog post specially for my family.  Our happy news is:  We have bought a house!
My husband and I have been trying to find "Our home" for about 3 years now…during this time we have actually had contracts on a home in the Chesapeake area (which sadly property lines were not disclosed truthfully so we dropped our offer) then we looked in the Pocono Lake area of PA and discovered or learned about "Radon Numbers" very important stuff in certain areas of the country. ;-0  This past November we had a contract on a home we loved in Harleysville, PA but sadly when the appraisal did not come back as hoped, (try $20,000. lower then expected) the seller decided to not sell at the banks suggested value. I share this info with you to try to let you know that our home search has been a long process so it is now with much JOY my husband and I happily are sharing WE Bought our home! We wanted to share first with my folks but due to my mom's email troubles we're just putting it out on my blog. ;-))) It's funny if you would have asked me 8 years ago if I would ever imagined me living in Quakertown, PA well actually it is Richlandtown Township PA, I'm sure I would have answered no. lol So I am now posting photos specially for my Folks but hope my family and friends will share in Bill's and my happiness. FINALLY here is our soon to be residence.
our new home

back patio


Hubby gets to do the yard work NOT me! I intend to be in my studio.

This will be Bill's office

Great room

Kitchen eating area

View of great room from eating area

Another view of Bill's office

Stairwell to second floor- office to the right, dining room to the left

Dining room

looking down from second floor stair well


Dining room before

Office before

Great room before

Kitchen before

Great room before

Dining room before

This will be my new studio, cannot wait!
We will be permanent residents of PA by the end of April 2012, even though we did recieve possession of the home yesterday ;-) The sellers were wonderful, we felt guilty feeling happy because a job transfer was the reason they must move and it was evident from the start they loved this home and took great care of it and as you can tell from some of the photos they left it sparkling clean for us.  Our VA lease goes to end of April and we have some work we want to do such as painting, french doors for office entry….
What we feel great about in sharing our news is this time it is a done deal!
We did it ! We finally found and bought "OUR" home!