Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So much to do so little time...

I've got so much going on it creates the feeling there is "too little time" to get it all done. Have you ever felt that way? It is difficult to realize it is almost April 2012.  HECK I'm still trying to figure out what happened to January, February and now March…
Seems like we're never home. I am thrilled that we have purchased a home finally but sadly that has not helped things to slow down for us. We're back and forth between VA and PA trying to organize for the major move.
In between the new home obligations the hubby still has his day job and then of course there is the family…
So to try to catch you up on my life….lol There has been a little art and a LOT of other work taking place.
So the faux stain glass window was completed and given to it's grateful recipient.
There's been some weekend baby sitting that correlated with a visit to the new house. A couple of our grandkids had fun exploring the back property with grandpa while grandma was trying to test out possible wall paint colors for the new home
Grandpa Bill and the kids go exploring
Brynn and Caleb


Caleb climbing
There's been a little quilting but I can't show it off yet. I've got it photographed but the unveiling will not take place until my future grandson arrives soon…
I do feel some sadness in leaving VA, my last 8 years living in the Warrenton/Gainesville area has been been a wonderful experience. I enjoyed teaching Middle School in Warrenton for 5 years, was a wonderful way to end my teaching career, the students were great!
I learned to quilt... ;-) (My present favorite art medium.)
I had a twinge of sadness today when I photographed probably my last quilt hanging on the bridge just off our back yard area in Heritage Hunt and guess what? The Blue Bells are blooming ;-)))
Look close you'll see the blue bells blooming

More blue bells along the creek nearby

My favorite spot to photograph my quilts and silk scarves,
I'm going to miss this bridge.

Our present home is the house on the right.
Ok so now it's back to packing for me….Enjoy!

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