Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sitting in an Apple Store "Class-time" ;-)

Got to LOVE "One on One" for anyone that has bought a MAC you might know what I mean ;-)
When making a switch from PC's back to Mac I highly recommend you purchase the "One on One" option. ;-) I did! I have warned my trainers that they will definitely know me by the end of my year of training. I am so glad I am retired and can take the time to take advantage of the training classes.
So what have I been busy with today so far?
Began the morning rinsing out some of my fabric that I dyed yesterday ;-) After my classes I will finish washing the fabrics out and get to enjoy seeing the end results.
Fabric rinsed and waiting for me ;-)
whoops except one jug I mixed this morning

Notice the splattered dye on my legs..good thing I was planning on showering after I messed with the dyes.

So I have had a very productive day in my "One on One" session and then followed up with a "Personal Project" session at the Reston Apple Store today. ;-))) Finally beginning to feel comfortable on my new Mac. It is beginning to come back to me! Sure took long enough...must be my old brain.... lol  or possibly my overactive brain.
some of my experiments drying before final wash

A start of possible Halloween costume for Brynn?
Okay so Apple class time has ended.... I am off to a JoAnn Fabric's to try to find/buy some supplies for Keli and I to make a Robin costume for Caleb. Wish us luck.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally feeling a little caught up

 Last I posted I know I must have been lamenting (*wailinglamentationmoan,moaningweepingcryingsobsobbing, complaint) ;-)) I was probably in the deep throes (*agonies) of trying to acclimate to my new MacBook Pro.  After about 10 years of using PC's (due to the day job) the switch turned out to NOT be as easy as most people felt it would be for me.  So many changes for this ole brain ;-) lol 

But enough about my new MAC.... here's a few other projects I finally have been working on...
Finally tried floating a couple quilt tops  on my mid-arm.
Now they just have to have binding put on. ;-)

Found some old projects to finish up.
And today I finally began a project I've had planned in thought for quite some time.
Can happily report I still  remember how to cut glass.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Once again lagging in my posts

YES I have been lagging in my posting once again BUT what is worse is I am also lagging or actually null ;-( in all studio or art work!!!! NOT a good thing!
I have so many fabulous things happening that I just have not been able to take the time to share.
Of course I might also mention the stranger items taking place such as EARTHQUAKE??? yes in DC and in the same week Hurricane Irene?....sooooo now let's see what to share?
By the way Does anyone else wish that one could telepathically dictate to their blog and it automatically post?
A sad fact is I have been spending TOO much time on a computer AND still no time to blog???
Explanation?  I am now a MAC person. Once again....lol  If you might recall, I believe I shared my husband bought me a laptop for my 60th birthday in July.
With so much going on in our schedules I decided to hold off on picking up the laptop until I would have time to focus the HUGE learning curve this purchase would bring.
I had made the decision [after having an Ipad for a year] I would go back to MAC versus buying PC this is a huge undertaking for me after using PC's for so many years in my classrooms and well as our home.

Funny in the early years of my teaching career EVERYTHING we did in education was total MAC.... Well then if some might recall or experienced Mac lost the bid wars and suddenly our classrooms became PC land. I still had my Mac at home and as I told the young whipper snaps that have been instructing me in my "One to One' classes the last Mac I purchased cost $3952.74 and that was WITH the educator advantage discount! I have the bill to remind me of this...  It was a G3/250 32/4G/CD/E/56K.
This made me HIGH TECH back then lol lol hmmmm the year was 7/21/1998. Funny seems to have been another birthday purchase lol lol lol.
Well fast forward a few years and MI gave monies to school districts across the State to help get our educators to welcome high tech and become connected! Connected to the Internet that is, we all received Dell laptops with home Internet service free for a year I believe.... my memory always tests me ;-)
BUT my point is this MAC person suddenly became a PC person due to the fact it just became too difficult to fight the system. ;-) Also who would knock being given new technology FREE even? That computer was a Dell Inspiron running Windows ME Millennium Edition. lol I share all this info with you because?
Possibly now you can understand what I have been up to instead of my studio time or blogging?
Yup I still have both those laptops and actually am trying to sort through old files in hopes to transfer to the new equipment, then I also have been attending training classes and "One on One" sessions in hopes to become re-acquainted with MAC. Reston and Fairfax Apple stores have great employee trainers.
It is exciting YES but also EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!!!
To end this post one final item I wish to share...this now completes my very first posting via the new "MacBook Pro" ;-)
Wish me luck and I promise to be back to my blogging as soon as the file transfer etc. is completed. {a sucky item they transfer my files = transfer or files between my Sony and MacBook will take 24-48 hours....YUP that means I will be with out either of my laptops! The bright side? Yay! studio time! ;-)