Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sitting in an Apple Store "Class-time" ;-)

Got to LOVE "One on One" for anyone that has bought a MAC you might know what I mean ;-)
When making a switch from PC's back to Mac I highly recommend you purchase the "One on One" option. ;-) I did! I have warned my trainers that they will definitely know me by the end of my year of training. I am so glad I am retired and can take the time to take advantage of the training classes.
So what have I been busy with today so far?
Began the morning rinsing out some of my fabric that I dyed yesterday ;-) After my classes I will finish washing the fabrics out and get to enjoy seeing the end results.
Fabric rinsed and waiting for me ;-)
whoops except one jug I mixed this morning

Notice the splattered dye on my legs..good thing I was planning on showering after I messed with the dyes.

So I have had a very productive day in my "One on One" session and then followed up with a "Personal Project" session at the Reston Apple Store today. ;-))) Finally beginning to feel comfortable on my new Mac. It is beginning to come back to me! Sure took long enough...must be my old brain.... lol  or possibly my overactive brain.
some of my experiments drying before final wash

A start of possible Halloween costume for Brynn?
Okay so Apple class time has ended.... I am off to a JoAnn Fabric's to try to find/buy some supplies for Keli and I to make a Robin costume for Caleb. Wish us luck.

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