Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's been too long

Once again I find myself beginning by stating "it's been too long"??  Does anyone else find it difficult to stop everything that is taking place in their life to sit down and post in their blog? I seem to have hit a wall lately in my organization skills or possibly just rearranged my priorities a little and gotten out of sync with my old habits. I'll share a little of what I've had going on and then hope I get back to my old habits RE: posting on my blog soon.
So let's see as of late I baby sat 2 full weekends in PA during the past 5 weekends for my daughter and  during that time span I made a "Robin" costume Caleb's request for Halloween.

Caleb trying on the "Robin" costume
That costume got my daughter thinking how much fun it would be for Brynn to be "Wonder Woman" and then possibly Daddy Nate could wear a "Batman" t-shirt or ? and Mommy Keli could come up with some "Cat Woman" get up while the family goes to their Halloween parade's and such this year so grandma had to create "Wonder Woman" for 2 year old - Brynn  ha-ha
Brynn's "Wonder Woman" costume

Guess who just turned 50..YAY!
I also made a quick trip to MI where I was able to enjoy my sister-in-law's 50th birthday celebration,
MI Son and wife "Brian and Heather"

My Mommy and Daddy {90 and 87}

I was able to visit with my son and his wife AND had a great visit with my folks, 
Ryan and Missy

Baby quilt and blanket
I also attended two baby showers. Here's the baby quilt's for Ryan and Missy's future baby boy. All this during my one 4.5 day trip to good ole Clinton Township MI.As you can see I have been a very busy person. Last weekend we had MI company in VA, so you can see the fun continues.
Now I hope I can be as successful down the way to getting back to my old schedule of posting regularly on my blog so I don't have to rack my brain to remember what exactly I wanted to and haven't shared yet.
Gotta repeat one thing though....."Fall does speak to my soul". Enjoy!

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