Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wow.what a busy week......

So life has been keeping me much to busy to quilt lately.....but fun times....we're up north in MI and very busy with family. First we had a bridal shower for my son and his future wife, nice time lovely shower given by the Aunts!....JB and Claire loved the Lehigh t-shirt quilt.....
Now we're working on our MI house, stripping wall paper, got rid of a water bed my daughter had 15 years lol so much stuff to do, did get to the newly opened Detroit Art Museum for a day......was nice to see the art museum back opened and better than ever.......
this week the boat gets back in the water so we'll get some lake time in before we head back to VA.
One quilting thing I did get to do is attend a monthly meeting of the group "Running with Scissors".......friendly group.........great stuff being created by their members.....Thanks to them for letting me visit. Tomorrow I'll post some photos of our handy work being done on the house!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's about done!

Wow we have to pack tomorrow, and we head up north Thursday morning! It's hard to pack when you know you'll be gone a month??? What do we pack? So much still to do and a few appointments to boot but thankfully have almost completed the baby quilt for the new baby in the family, Rayna! Here's a peek in case I don't end up having time to post it later....

Guess who finally got a great photo of our friendly humming bird? Bill loves to sit in the evening down in his man cave (bottom porch) have a cigar and watch for the deer or humming birds. Here's one he watched tonight. Make sure to click on the photo to see it up close.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy Busy Busy......

Shoot, here is the baby quilt so far and as you can see the 2 inch square border is the time consuming part...but it adds so much to the design! I intend to somehow have this completed before we head up north Thurs. We'll be there for about a month!! I know the time is necessary to be spent with family and attack chores yet will feel cheated of time off at VA home.... We have decided I must pack my machine, I need my quilting to feel in the zone........

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Guess who likes my birdfeeder?

So we have bird feeders off our top deck but then we posted a couple in the woody area of our yard and guess who seems to enjoy them?
It's Father's day....and our day has been a total blow off day!! Just relaxing the day away! I am finally getting some work completed on the baby quilt since let's see we head to MI Thursday and I need to present it to my niece during the visit up north?
My goodness.....time flies.........never enough moments to do all we want to?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wow...I've been busy and neglected sharing.

So this time of year is busy for us people in's the end of the school year!
Hopefully I can get some work completed during the summer? Life sure seems to keep me busy lately? Sadly too busy to create yet fun stuff happening: Let's see I have a new future daughter-in-law! My youngest finally got a ring and asked his gal to become his wife..after dating almost 8 years? Let's see...she just graduated from med school and will begin her residency I think this week, or let's just say soon! So let's see that means I have one son getting married Sept 6, 2008 and then the other son will follow behind more than likely the next Sept...I'd better start saving more money? Hmmmmmmm retirement??? lol
Anyway back to quilting! I finally got the t-shirt quilt completed but this is all I will show till after the shower next week. Now I have to complete the baby quilt before we head to MI for a month!!! Now you might understand my lamenting that I never get any quilting done? I do intend to take my sewing machine though and maybe a few of those easy UF quilts to work on.
So last week I did take a couple classes though from an enjoyable teacher I recommend to others in my area. Her name is Cyndi Souder I took her Tsukineko Ink basics and Shiva Paintstik Primer classes. Both were enjoyable and I thank her for spurring on many ideas to try in my future projects! Another item...I have been experimenting with rusting cloth........very kewl and so easy, yet I am trying to understand more about the process so I can possibly control the effects? I keep quizzing my chemist hubby for knowledge and understanding.
So I know this has been long posting, guess I am making up for lost time?
So went to a wedding today and got these lovely pics of blooming flowers.....who knows maybe can become fodder in the future?
Well off to the baby quilt!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy but fun weekend!

So I will post pics later today but have a sec to share what a lovely weekend my baby boy gave me as his 2008 Mother's day gift! He and his girl of many years flew down from the north to share a weekend with the older folks! We drove to Baltimore and attended an Oriole Baseball game. Of course you could have fooled me....there were seas of Boston fans abound so I was starting to think we had made a wrong turn and ended up in Boston! Seems we saw of the Boston players "Manny, Manny" hit his 500th home run as a Boston player the third to achieve this. Was fun seeing the crowd go nuts and great stadium! We also went to a kewl Art Museum while we waited out the rain ;-) Check out the Visionary Art Museum if you are ever in Baltimore! Great place! That was Saturday, we went to Mount Vernon on Sunday.......and this morning poor Bill had to drive them to airport at 4:30am. Will be a long day of work for 3 of us today! Thankfully my hubby is such a good guy! Anyway no quilting completed and I have two deadlines to complete within the next two weeks!!!! EEEEEkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Such is life......We have to always remember to smell the flowers when we can!!!!! Life is toooo short as it is!