Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy but fun weekend!

So I will post pics later today but have a sec to share what a lovely weekend my baby boy gave me as his 2008 Mother's day gift! He and his girl of many years flew down from the north to share a weekend with the older folks! We drove to Baltimore and attended an Oriole Baseball game. Of course you could have fooled me....there were seas of Boston fans abound so I was starting to think we had made a wrong turn and ended up in Boston! Seems we saw of the Boston players "Manny, Manny" hit his 500th home run as a Boston player the third to achieve this. Was fun seeing the crowd go nuts and great stadium! We also went to a kewl Art Museum while we waited out the rain ;-) Check out the Visionary Art Museum if you are ever in Baltimore! Great place! That was Saturday, we went to Mount Vernon on Sunday.......and this morning poor Bill had to drive them to airport at 4:30am. Will be a long day of work for 3 of us today! Thankfully my hubby is such a good guy! Anyway no quilting completed and I have two deadlines to complete within the next two weeks!!!! EEEEEkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Such is life......We have to always remember to smell the flowers when we can!!!!! Life is toooo short as it is!

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