Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wow...I've been busy and neglected sharing.

So this time of year is busy for us people in's the end of the school year!
Hopefully I can get some work completed during the summer? Life sure seems to keep me busy lately? Sadly too busy to create yet fun stuff happening: Let's see I have a new future daughter-in-law! My youngest finally got a ring and asked his gal to become his wife..after dating almost 8 years? Let's see...she just graduated from med school and will begin her residency I think this week, or let's just say soon! So let's see that means I have one son getting married Sept 6, 2008 and then the other son will follow behind more than likely the next Sept...I'd better start saving more money? Hmmmmmmm retirement??? lol
Anyway back to quilting! I finally got the t-shirt quilt completed but this is all I will show till after the shower next week. Now I have to complete the baby quilt before we head to MI for a month!!! Now you might understand my lamenting that I never get any quilting done? I do intend to take my sewing machine though and maybe a few of those easy UF quilts to work on.
So last week I did take a couple classes though from an enjoyable teacher I recommend to others in my area. Her name is Cyndi Souder I took her Tsukineko Ink basics and Shiva Paintstik Primer classes. Both were enjoyable and I thank her for spurring on many ideas to try in my future projects! Another item...I have been experimenting with rusting cloth........very kewl and so easy, yet I am trying to understand more about the process so I can possibly control the effects? I keep quizzing my chemist hubby for knowledge and understanding.
So I know this has been long posting, guess I am making up for lost time?
So went to a wedding today and got these lovely pics of blooming flowers.....who knows maybe can become fodder in the future?
Well off to the baby quilt!

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