Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why I enjoy shibori

I am so thankful that I was introduced to Color Hue dyes this past summer [Via an online class from  Glennis Dolce-Shibori Girl Studiosalong with dyeing on silk. I wish I would have known about these dyes while I was still teaching, in fact I did introduce a good ex-teaching buddy to Color Hue Dyes and her high school students produced some beautiful silk scarves last semester.
I love shibori as a quick art fix for me [mind you I do not mean the stitching step is quick it's the "Color Hue Dyes" that help make them feel like a quick art fix for me, they are so easy to use.]
I need a daily art fix if possible it feeds my soul it also helps to keep my arthritis and other body aches at bay. Reminder Art Therapy does work ;-)
Anyway enough chit chat. Here are photos of the steps I take to get the wonderful end results my shibori and color hue dyes create on silk.
First step is fold your silk and then stitch as desired 

Second scarf stitched ready for next step

Various scarves stitched ready to pull threads
All 4 samples after pulling threads tightly, now ready to dye.

One example dyed was applied and it is dry, ready to remove threads

Some threads removed notice where the threads were pulled tightly it causes resist.

Most threads removed. Hint never used scissors near the silk when trying to remove threads.;-)
you could cause little nicks or cuts in the silk and end up being very disappointed.
Yes this was sadly a learned hint.
Another example threads pulled and silk dyed ready to remove threads.

Partial removal of threads, see how exciting each piece can be to open?

Almost completed
Isn't this pretty

I love the unexpected when creating with shibori.
Will leave you with a new experiment I am now trying my own screen printing and fabric dyes.
There is so much to explore and discover yet about using silk and Color Hue Dyes. ;-)
May each day bring you something creative to experience. ;-) Art is good for one's soul.