Monday, February 10, 2014

We're in Florida playing snowbirds for a month.

So the first few days in Florida were hot and humid but as of yesterday it's turned to an enjoyable high 70's (feels hotter) but the humidity has become comfortable. Even livable for me with just windows open minus air conditioning.
We've been doing some painting and tearing out of the condo bathroom in hopes of updating it ourselves. Yesterday was a day of rest, we took the day off, enjoyed a local art show along with some sun and fun.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

My completed Riley Blake challenge quilt

The modern quilt guilds across the US were given Riley Blake fabrics along with a challenge to see what we could /would design.
I decided that if I was going to participate I wanted to end up with at least a lap size quilt, so with that in mind I began me process of deciding to use all of the fat eighths selection of fabric we were given and added one yard of Riley Blake fabric I found and thought would add some spark (turned out the perfect binding accent) and then added solid white.
My design turned out to be 55 inches x 63 inches. 
I am pleased with the end product and look forward to possibly participating in more challenges. 
enjoy some process photos along with a couple photos the finished quilt.

The completed quilt 55x63

I began by making simple 4 piece blocks (2 different sizes)

And realized if I stuck with them as pieced blocks or even bound in strips of white my quilt would be small and boring to me.

I began rearranging and trying to fit in areas of solid white.

Next up was the fun part of adding the quilting.
Here is the quilt minus it's binding.
Was time for me to pack up and head to FL yet I was determined to complete the quilt before the deadline.
Binding is on.
The quilt is completed and when I get a chance I will look for some spot in the sun to photograph it but until then it's found a storage spot in the guest room. Now to figure out how to post it in the MQG challenge site..... Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

We got out of "Dodge" at the perfect time

As we headed on our way we soon discovered we left town with perfect timing. We have arrived to temps in the 80's (agree the humidity will probably kill me) but the rest of my family got snowed on anywhere from 8-10 inches. Awwwwwww guess the drive won't get shoveled. lol. 
Tomorrow while NY,PA and NJ is under snow I'll be sitting by the pool. (

So for a teaser here is my challenge quilt, tomorrow I need to measure it and take some photos to post on the Modern Quilt website so it can be included in the challenge. 
Fit's in nicely down here too. I admit I am pleased with how it turned out after all. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I could not resist..

So the hubby and I are off on a new adventure. We are headed to FL where they claim there is sun and fun BUT we are going for a WHOLE MONTH. Are we /I excited or stressed? Have to admit we have many mixed feelings so let me answer this in a month. :-)
Before we headed out today on our 2 day drive down to Stuart FL I could not resist getting the binding on the two quilts I managed to get quilted on the HQ16 before heading away from my studio for a WHOLE month.
I justified the time I was quilting versus trying to decide what to pack for our adventure with the fact that it would be so much easier and therefore faster to just get the binding done on my large Janome versus the little travel size one I have packed for my FL time. Also so much easier with my large sewing table versus a little travel table I will be using in FL. 
Wouldn't you agree :-) So the two quilts are packed and I will photogragh them when we get to the condo in the sun since my favorite photo site in PA is covered in snow and who would want to put their white quilt in the 
So stay tuned for the quilt unveiling in a couple days, binding always makes a quilt look complete.