Sunday, February 24, 2008

We had a great birthday!

Well I am not quilting this weekend because I'm busy being a proud grandma! So Caleb is one today so we all flew to Denver to celebrate and he blessed us by walking! You can see by my pics he enjoyed his cake AND new toys! You know Grandma feels very blessed! My perfect little cutie!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fall in Virginia quilt

Well FINALLY completed my one art quilt! It is driving me crazy cause it has a crooked side inside the quilt yet as I let it hang in my hallway the crooked edge does not bother me as much ;-))) I'm always my harshest critic. The middle part of the quilt is created with painted canvas that I then cut and sewed or quilted together. The outer brown frame and the inner brown frame are both fabric, the rest is painted gessoed canvas. Lots of leaves printed on the outer canvas piece. Was interesting and I want to try some of my other designs with these materials but for now I have some family stuff to quilt ;-) remember the t-shirt quilt I keep mentioning. lol

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A good ole fashioned shut down day....

Well today is an ICE day so no sets me up for a good ole fashioned shut down day!
(Of course remember that sometimes paybacks are hell? Today was our conference day and night so will be interesting to see how we reschedule it?) Oh well back to I hope to finally add the hanging device to my quilted canvas wall quilt so I can finally be free to move forward. I HAVE a family obligated t-shirt quilt to get back to I have to get it completed for my son and his future wife. I started on it long ago in my free time but now it has a deadline, I want it as a wedding shower gift. Seems maybe I do better under deadlines anyway? (Something to contemplate and maybe get past...... lol)
Anyway so many ideas so little time........but still enjoying the journey! Oh and to stay on the goal, I'm looking forward to attending a session at the QBL, Quilting by the Lake this July!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stupid bowl night ;-)

Well sadly I realize I have not been keeping my blog up which made me realize I have also been remiss on my quilting! It's amazing how quickly life can get in our way?
Well we had another snow/ice day Friday and wish I had used it to quilt but instead had to go out to visit the hospital for a scheduled scan. I've been having some minor health issues but how appropiate Friday was wear Red day to remind us of how many women have heart disease. I have a stress test set up for next week? Oh well forward and onward with my quilting ;-)
Everyone have a great week!