Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A good ole fashioned shut down day....

Well today is an ICE day so no sets me up for a good ole fashioned shut down day!
(Of course remember that sometimes paybacks are hell? Today was our conference day and night so will be interesting to see how we reschedule it?) Oh well back to I hope to finally add the hanging device to my quilted canvas wall quilt so I can finally be free to move forward. I HAVE a family obligated t-shirt quilt to get back to I have to get it completed for my son and his future wife. I started on it long ago in my free time but now it has a deadline, I want it as a wedding shower gift. Seems maybe I do better under deadlines anyway? (Something to contemplate and maybe get past...... lol)
Anyway so many ideas so little time........but still enjoying the journey! Oh and to stay on the goal, I'm looking forward to attending a session at the QBL, Quilting by the Lake this July!

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